Dental Veneers Before And After

Veneers Before and After

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood actors, reality-TV stars, and even royals achieve their picture-perfect smiles? Look no further than Michael Apa, the world’s leading celebrity dentist. With his boutique porcelain veneers, Apa has transformed countless smiles and earned a reputation for excellence. But what exactly sets his signature veneers apart from the rest?

Dental Veneers Before And After
Dental Veneers Before And After

The Art of Imperfections

Contrary to popular belief, Apa believes that a perfect smile isn’t about uniformity. In fact, embracing imperfections is at the core of his signature method, known as Facial Aesthetic Design. By using each client’s unique facial features, Apa creates a personalized and natural-looking smile that complements their overall appearance.

Facial Aesthetic Design

The Price of Perfection

Apa’s veneers come with a hefty price tag, starting at $4,000 per tooth and reaching up to $80,000 for a full smile reconstruction. But what justifies this cost? One reason is the meticulous craftsmanship involved. Each smile is designed individually, ensuring that no two veneers are the same.

Once the number and shape of the veneers are determined, Apa takes a mold of the client’s teeth. Temporary inserts are created from this mold, allowing the client to preview their new smile before the final implementation. This attention to detail and client satisfaction adds to the overall value of Apa’s veneers.

Master Ceramicists at Work

The Art of Ceramics

Apa’s in-house team of master ceramicists plays a crucial role in creating the perfect veneers. With full control over the crafting process, they shape each tooth using a unique blend of porcelain. Layer by layer, they apply the porcelain with careful attention to pigment, utilizing up to 20 different shades and opacities to achieve a remarkably natural look.

The result is so lifelike that no one would suspect that the teeth are anything other than real. This level of craftsmanship takes time, typically requiring under a week for completion. However, for clients from out of town, Apa offers the convenience of a new smile in as little as 24 hours.

Crafting Individual Jewelry

Minimally Invasive, Maximum Impact

Aside from the artistic craftsmanship, Apa’s veneers also stand out due to the minimally invasive technique he employs. By preserving as much healthy tooth structure as possible, the porcelain bonds stronger and lasts longer, resulting in a more comfortable and durable final product.

Compared to traditional methods that may require an entire day for an insert, Apa’s process takes less than two hours. This minimally invasive approach not only saves time for his clients, many of whom have busy schedules, but also reduces any potential pain or discomfort.

Long-Lasting Beauty

A Smile That Lasts

With proper care, Apa’s designer smiles can withstand the test of time. Clients can expect their veneers to remain stunning for 15 to 20 years, bringing them newfound confidence and joy. Just ask Andrea, one of Apa’s happy clients, who now smiles more freely and feels truly transformed by her new teeth.

So, if you’ve ever dreamt of achieving a flawless smile like the stars, Michael Apa’s dental veneers might be the perfect solution for you. Embrace the art of imperfection, and let Facial Aesthetic Design create a smile that’s uniquely yours.

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