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Are you looking for a crypto exchange that offers a wide range of features and tools? Look no further than MEXC Global. This trading platform has gained popularity in the crypto industry due to its vast array of functionalities, making it more like an interconnected ecosystem rather than just an exchange. In this MEXC review, we will explore the standout aspects of this exchange and shed light on its important elements, such as fees, application, trading dashboards, and more.

What is MEXC?

MEXC Global is a crypto trading exchange that caters to all types of traders, from retail to institutional investors. It supports various trading styles, including spot, futures, and ETFs, making it an all-rounder in the industry. Just like leading companies like Binance and KuCoin, MEXC offers a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including newer and less established coins and tokens. This makes it popular among traders looking for early investment opportunities. Furthermore, MEXC prioritizes security and user experience by implementing advanced security protocols to safeguard user funds and personal information.

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In addition to its wide selection of supported cryptocurrencies, MEXC also offers multilingual support and has a broad geographical reach. It aims to cater to a diverse range of audiences by including regional and country-specific tokens, and establishing relationships with professional institutions while serving retail investors from multiple regions.


Let’s delve into the strong points of MEXC in this comprehensive review:

Spot and Futures Trading

MEXC supports both spot and futures trading. Spot trading involves immediate delivery and settlement of cryptocurrencies, making it the most common form of trading suitable for newcomers and beginners. On the other hand, futures trading involves buying and selling futures contracts, which are agreements to buy or sell a specific quantity of an asset at a predetermined price and date in the future. MEXC offers fully-fledged and feature-rich dashboards for both spot and futures trading, along with integration with TradingView for precise technical analysis tools. The exchange also provides a live and regularly updated market depth view, enabling traders to make fact-based decisions based on real-time supply and demand information.

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Futures Demo Trading

MEXC goes a step further by offering a demo trading tool, allowing users to practice trading cryptocurrencies via futures contracts without risking their own money. This sandbox environment is perfect for beginners to gain insights, learn about different markets, and develop trading strategies in a risk-free manner. The demo trading tool ensures that users can familiarize themselves with the trading platform and make informed decisions before transitioning into real trading.

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A Copy-Trading Environment

MEXC also offers a copy-trading interface, allowing users to mirror the trades of experienced individuals or their peers. Copy-trading is an excellent tool for beginners to observe and learn from successful traders, although it is not without risk. The platform displays the statistics of each trader, including ROI, PNL, and win rate, enabling users to choose traders based on their trading style and performance. Copy-trading on MEXC offers a symbiotic relationship, benefiting both those who copy others and those who get copied by receiving profit shares.

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Leveraged ETF Listings

MEXC stands out by offering leveraged ETF listings, which allow traders to trade a basket of assets with a multiplier. This feature enables traders to control larger positions and potentially amplify their profits or losses. The exchange provides leveraged ETFs in various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and even Binance’s BNB. Leveraged ETFs on MEXC offer both long and short positions, allowing traders to profit from both upward and downward price movements.

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Very Low Fees

MEXC’s fee structure is highly competitive, making it attractive for both retail traders and institutional investors. The exchange offers 0% maker and taker fees for spot trading, ensuring that traders can enjoy fee-free trading. For futures trading, the maker fees are also set at 0%, while taker fees are only 0.01%. Although leveraged ETF fees are slightly higher at 0.2% for both makers and takers, they are still reasonable compared to other platforms offering similar services. MEXC’s low fees make it an appealing choice for traders looking to minimize costs.

Global Availability

MEXC Global lives up to its name by providing worldwide availability. It is accessible in over 170 countries, including the US, UK, India, Canada, and South Korea. The international focus of MEXC ensures access to liquidity on a global scale. As an international exchange, MEXC adheres to regulatory rules from various jurisdictions, ensuring a safe and compliant trading environment for users.

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While MEXC offers many outstanding features, there are some potential drawbacks to consider:

Limited Fiat Withdrawals

One significant limitation of MEXC is the lack of fiat withdrawal options. Although users can buy crypto with fiat currencies, transferring funds back to fiat is not directly supported. This means users would need to transfer their assets to another exchange that facilitates fiat off-ramping, such as Binance or Coinbase. While MEXC does have a peer-to-peer portal for fiat withdrawals, its availability is limited, and only a few fiat currencies are supported. This limitation can be frustrating for users and may result in additional costs when transferring funds to other exchanges.

No NFT Support

Unlike some other exchanges, MEXC does not currently support NFT trading. While it offers NFT-related ETF indices, there is no direct option to buy or trade NFTs on the platform. This may be a disadvantage for users interested in the NFT market and looking for a one-stop solution for all their crypto trading needs.

How to Sign up for MEXC

Getting started with MEXC is simple. Follow these steps to create an account on the MEXC website:

  1. Visit the MEXC homepage and click on the signup button.
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  2. Choose to sign up with your email address or phone number.
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  3. Complete the verification puzzle to confirm your account.
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  4. Enter the one-time password sent to your email or phone number to gain access to your account.
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Please note that completing the MEXC KYC process is necessary to access all trading activities.


In conclusion, MEXC Global offers a diverse range of features and tools for traders of all levels. The exchange’s spot and futures trading options, demo trading tool, and copy-trading environment make it attractive for both beginners and experienced traders. Additionally, its leveraged ETF listings and low fees further enhance its appeal. However, MEXC’s lack of fiat withdrawals and NFT support are significant limitations that potential users should consider.

If you’re willing to overlook these drawbacks, MEXC is a platform worth exploring. Its global availability and commitment to security and user experience make it a top contender in the crypto exchange landscape. Give MEXC a try and see if it suits your trading needs!

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