Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week 2023

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Welcome to Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week 2023! This week is dedicated to celebrating the incredible work and dedication of dental hygienists all around the world. They play a crucial role in maintaining our oral health and ensuring our smiles remain bright and beautiful.

Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week 2023
Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week 2023

The Journey of a Dental Practice Owner

Let’s hear the inspiring story of Neil Oza, the owner of Advanced Dental Concepts located in Hammond, Louisiana. Neil took over the practice four years ago, and it had always been successful revenue-wise. However, after merging another practice last year, he faced new challenges and had to start from scratch.

The Power of Education

One of the key factors that helped Neil navigate this transition was education. No matter the direction he wanted to take the practice, there were courses available to train him and his team. Whether it was implants or endodontics, Neil found specialized training to enhance his skills and offer the best care to his patients.

The Freedom from Business Management

Neil also discovered the freedom of not having to deal with the business side of running the practice. Heartland Dental, the company he joined, took care of recruiting new staff members and managing the hiring process. This allowed Neil to focus on what he does best – providing excellent dental care to his patients.

Building a Strong Team

The support Neil received from Heartland Dental went beyond just recruiting. He had constant communication with their Regional Manager of Operations (RMO), who guided him through the entire process. Together, they made decisions on hiring and discussed strategies to improve the practice. This collaborative approach created a cohesive and motivated team.

Dental Team

Ensuring Success for Everyone

Heartland Dental believes in incentivizing its team members to create a sense of ownership within the practice. Neil and his staff had the opportunity to earn bonuses based on performance. This not only motivated them to deliver exceptional care, but it also created a sense of camaraderie and shared success. The hygienists, as well as the entire staff, were invested in the practice’s growth and went the extra mile to ensure its success.

Networking and Mentorship

Joining Heartland Dental also provided Neil with a network of like-minded dentists. He had the opportunity to visit other practices and learn from experienced professionals in the field. Heartland Dental created a mentorship program that allowed Neil to connect with others, exchange ideas, and implement proven systems in his own practice. This valuable support system was something he had always longed for and now had access to.

The Power of Connection

If you’re considering joining Heartland Dental or embarking on a similar journey, Neil recommends reaching out to those who have already gone through the experience. Connect with experienced professionals like Mike Walker, who can guide you through the decision-making process and help you determine if it aligns with your goals. Neil has found the entire experience with Heartland Dental to be rewarding and is grateful for the opportunities it has provided him.

Happy Patients

As Dental Hygienist Appreciation Week 2023 unfolds, let us celebrate the tireless work of dental hygienists like Neil Oza. They not only provide exceptional dental care but also demonstrate the importance of continuous learning and building a supportive dental community. Thank you to all dental hygienists for making the world smile brighter!

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