Delta Dental Ppo Vs Premier

Welcome to a quick introduction to using Delta Dental’s Provider Tools to determine your patients’ eligibility and benefits. Provider Tools is designed to be fast, easy, and efficient, offering two options for checking eligibility and benefits: My Patients and Eligibility & Benefits.

Delta Dental Ppo Vs Premier
Delta Dental Ppo Vs Premier

My Patients

With My Patients, you have the option to view information about new patients or every Delta Dental enrollee who’s visited your office in the past several years. You can add a new patient, view their information, or view the information for every Delta Dental enrollee who’s visited your office.

Under Actions, you can view eligibility and benefits, claims submitted for a patient, or submit a claim. To view eligibility and benefits for an enrollee on your patient list, go to the Actions column and click the first icon.

Eligibility and Benefits

On the Eligibility and benefits page, you can see essential information like your patients’ first and last names, their plan information, and their effective date. Scroll down to see your patients’ benefits and covered services information, plan maximums and deductibles, waiting period summary, and any other provisions they may have.

The left-hand menu displays the claims mailing address and payer ID, as well as navigation links for more detailed benefit information. By clicking Benefit details, you can see the classification-based benefits, procedure codes, descriptions, and limitations.

Benefits Search

Sometimes, seeing every benefit a patient’s plan offers isn’t practical. If you know they need a specific procedure and only want information about that, click Benefits search. Searching for benefits is easy, whether you know the procedure code, use common keywords, or search by tooth number.

Treatment History

On the Treatment History screen, you’ll find your patient’s total treatment history. You can narrow things down by choosing a tooth code from the drop-down menu or searching by procedure codes. This way, you can easily see whether or not a specific tooth has had work done on it.

Delta Dental’s Provider Tools make it easy to look up your patients’ eligibility and benefits information. The user-friendly interface and search options help you find the information you need quickly and efficiently.

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