Aspen Dental Johnson City Tn

Have you ever had a terrible hotel experience where everything seemed to go wrong? Well, let me tell you about my recent encounter with a certain hotel booking website and the disappointing stay at Aspen Dental in Johnson City, TN.

Aspen Dental Johnson City Tn
Aspen Dental Johnson City Tn

Deceived and Disappointed

I stumbled upon when searching for a dog-friendly hotel for my wife and me. The website claimed that Aspen Dental had undergone recent renovations, so we thought it would be a great choice. Little did we know that the reality would be far from our expectations.

A Dirty Surprise

On October 22nd, we arrived at the La Quinta Inn Sidco Drive in Nashville, Tennessee, expecting a clean and comfortable room. However, as soon as we entered, a foul smell filled the air, and our hopes quickly diminished. The room was far from renovated; in fact, it seemed like it hadn’t been touched for years. To make matters worse, we discovered bugs crawling on the nightstand. It was a nightmare.

A Swift Departure

Realizing that we couldn’t tolerate such unhygienic conditions, we decided to check out after only two hours. The room stank, it was filthy, and the presence of bugs was simply unacceptable. We approached the front desk and expressed our dissatisfaction, stating that we would be expecting a refund. Surprisingly, they remained silent, offering neither an apology nor a resolution.

A Disappointing Response

Contacting La Quinta the next morning, we were informed that a refund would be issued. However, when I received my credit-card statement, the charge was still there. I immediately contacted both Wyndham, the parent company, and, seeking a refund. To our dismay, both parties refused to reimburse us, claiming that the reservation was non-refundable.

Customer Experience Matters

What frustrates me the most is not the mere sum of $133.16, but the complete lack of customer courtesy and support. The assistant general manager at the hotel acknowledged the issue but only reprimanded the housekeeping crew. It’s evident that the property needs a complete overhaul and should be condemned. No family should have to endure such an appalling experience.

A Lesson Learned

Wyndham and have left me deeply disappointed. I urge everyone to steer clear of this hotel chain and think twice before booking a room with them. Their false promises and subpar conditions are simply not worth the risk. As customers, we deserve better treatment and transparency.

In conclusion, my encounter with Aspen Dental Johnson City, TN, has been a major letdown. The deceptive reservation process combined with the unclean and bug-infested room has left a lasting negative impression. Let my experience serve as a warning to others, and may it encourage businesses like Aspen Dental to prioritize customer satisfaction and uphold their promises.

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