24-hour Emergency Dental Extraction

Hey there! Dr. Gary Adams here, a dentist at Maryland Holistic Dentist. Today, I want to talk about dental emergencies and what you should do if you find yourself in one. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

24-hour Emergency Dental Extraction
24-hour Emergency Dental Extraction

Dental Emergencies: We’ve got your back!

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency on a weekday (Monday through Friday), give us a call, and we promise to see you the same day. Our priority is to help patients who are in pain or dealing with a legitimate dental emergency. We’ll do whatever it takes to alleviate your pain and stabilize your situation.

The Most Common Dental Emergency

One of the most common dental emergencies we encounter is when a patient has a deep cavity, dental infection, or a broken tooth due to trauma. In these cases, an oral surgery procedure, such as tooth extraction, may be necessary to relieve the pain.

Again, our team is here for you. We will see you the same day, and if required, I’ll even stay after hours to make sure you’re out of pain. Your comfort is our priority.

Tooth Extraction Technique: Gentle and Effective

Not all dental extractions are the same. At Dental Match Dentists Associates in Rockville, Maryland, we employ a non-traumatic technique to ensure a quick, smooth, and strategic tooth removal process.

We take a careful approach, avoiding excessive force during the extraction. By doing so, we minimize post-extraction pain, unless there is a severe infection present. Trust us, we’ll guide you in the right direction.

Tooth Extraction: It’s Like Removing a Tree

Tooth extraction can be compared to removing a tree. Just like trees have long, strong, and curvy roots, teeth can also behave in similar ways. However, I assure you, I won’t be using any trucks or chains to pull your tooth out!

When evaluating your tooth, we take x-rays to assess the root formation. Some teeth can be gently eased out by applying gentle pressure in the right direction. However, there are cases where teeth are more challenging to remove.

In such instances, if a tooth has multiple curved roots or sits sideways, we may need to separate it into smaller pieces for a more comfortable extraction. Think of it as removing splinters. This approach is much safer and ensures minimal damage to surrounding tissues.

We’re Here for Your Dental Emergencies

To wrap it up, I’m Dr. Gary Adams, a dentist at Maryland Holistic Dentist. Dental emergencies can be a hassle, but rest assured, we’ve got your back. If you find yourself in pain and need an immediate solution, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 301-421-1996. We’ll make sure to schedule you as soon as possible.

Remember, we care about your well-being and promise to provide expert dental care when you need it the most. Stay safe and keep smiling!

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