Why I Want To Be A Dental Hygienist Essay

Among many other dental hygiene application essay examples, this one is a must-read. The following dental hygiene essay will give several arguments on why you might want to be a dental hygienist over anything else. The author will talk about their childhood and skills and say a few words about the obligations of a dental hygienist. Read the sample and write your own Why I Want to Be a Dental Hygienist Essay.

It may not be such an easy task to choose a career to pursue, as one may like to believe. Some people have taken a long time to realize their desired professions. Others recognize their early life potential and make their career choices instantly. For a variety of compelling reasons, I have decided to pursue a career in dental hygiene.

I used to eat a lot of sugary food when I was about ten years old without realizing how much harm was done to my teeth. It wasn’t long before my first premolar tooth began to hurt. The misery and anguish that I had to endure before removing it were intolerable. This experience inspired me to start helping others to improve their oral health.

Since then, I have always wanted to work in dental hygiene. I wished to provide people with qualified preventive care. At the same time, I understood the trouble doctors and their dental patients went through. I’ve prepared myself for a challenging mission of becoming an advocate for personal dental hygiene across the country.

As you may know, being a dental hygienist can be a very challenging task. However, I am confident that I have all of the required skills. I am open-minded, attentive to detail, compassionate, and committed. Moreover, in a stressful situation, I will be ready to act with zero uncertainty. My goal is to have nothing less than perfect results in all my future endeavors.

Once it comes to sensitizing people about the risks of bad oral hygiene, my skills will become essential. The oral cavity is one of the most sensitive regions. So, dealing with patients requires a great deal of accuracy. I can also create an informal and friendly atmosphere for any client so that they can feel comfortable.

Over the past few years, the need to promote dental care has increased. It especially concerns the prevention of various oral infections. As a consequence, this puts a lot of stress on dentists who have to look after the increasing number of patients. While dentists are often concerned with technical procedures, dental hygienist services are required to provide preventive care. That is, among other responsibilities that aid in the treatment of patients with dental problems.

I can think of several main duties of a dental hygienist that I can skillfully perform. Several of the essential tasks include brushing and polishing the teeth of customers, as well as flossing them. Sealing the teeth of patients to avoid cavities is also a critical duty. Another task is to consult the clients. A dental hygienist should keep them updated about how to improve dental health and resolve any occurring issues.

A dental assistant must take and analyze X-rays until a dentist evaluates the anatomy of the teeth for new treatment procedures. Dental hygienists are accountable for devising the patient’s report cards. A dental hygienist’s job includes assisting the dentists. They are responsible for dental care procedures that are more complicated and require additional experience. For example, a fluoride varnish must be done by the dentist.

I would like to faithfully represent the society once I have earned the first accreditation as a dental hygienist. I desire to improve in the profession. So, I will surely pursue further studies in this area to reach a master’s degree. This goal is set for my long-term vision of working in public institutions, such as dental schools, hospitals, research centers. I even consider working as a hygiene coordinator in a dental clinic.

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