Why Are Dental Crowns So Expensive

When it comes to dental crowns, there’s no doubt that they play a crucial role in restoring the shape and size of a damaged tooth. Not only do they offer aesthetic benefits, but they also promote oral health. However, the high cost associated with dental crowns often discourages people from pursuing this necessary treatment. So, why exactly are dental crowns so expensive? Let’s delve into four primary reasons that shed light on this issue.

1. Material Costs of Dental Crowns

One significant factor that contributes to the high price of dental crowns is the material used. Crowns can be made from a variety of materials such as ceramic, steel, metal alloys, porcelain fused to metal, and resin. Each material has its own characteristics and impact on the price. For example, resin crowns are cheaper but less durable, while gold crowns last longer but come with a higher price tag.

The advent of zirconium and porcelain for crowns has significantly increased their prices. These materials offer exceptional durability and a natural look, unaffected by color changes over time. It’s crucial not to compromise on quality when selecting materials for dental crowns, considering that they will be in your mouth for approximately 15 years.

2. Laboratory Costs of Dental Crowns

Outsourcing certain aspects of the dental crown treatment, such as laboratory services or gum contouring procedures, can significantly inflate the overall treatment fee. When a clinic relies on external technicians or dentists for these services, not only does the treatment duration extend to 4-6 weeks, but the expenses add up as well.

To avoid exorbitant costs, it’s advisable to choose a clinic that has a dental team consisting of specialists such as endodontists, orthodontists, and gum specialists. Additionally, opting for a clinic with an in-house laboratory eliminates the need for outsourced services, thus reducing your overall treatment expenses.

3. Cost of Digital Technology Used in Dental Crowns

The utilization of advanced dental technology impacts the overall cost of dental crown treatments. Cutting-edge CAD/CAM systems, for instance, are expensive pieces of equipment used in the production of dental crowns. These state-of-the-art technological systems increase the treatment prices for clinics.

Moreover, specialized laboratories offering digital smile design services also charge high amounts. By choosing a dental clinic with an in-house laboratory and experts, you can bypass these additional fees and potentially reduce the overall cost of your treatment.

4. Labor Costs for Dental Crowns

Among the factors mentioned above, labor costs are perhaps the most significant expense drivers. Each patient requires a certain amount of time, and the expertise and time required for all-ceramic crowns make them more expensive. Dentists may need to spend up to 2 hours in the laboratory, working alongside assistants, to prepare a crown.

Labor costs can vary greatly between different countries. For example, the UK’s national living wage is approximately 450% higher than that of Turkey. Hence, the lower the hourly wage of the dental team, the more affordable the treatment becomes.

Getting Dental Crowns in Turkey

It’s no secret that dental crown prices vary significantly from one country to another. Turkey, known for its lower operating costs, offers much more affordable dental crown treatments compared to countries like the USA and the UK. A quick internet search reveals that while a single tooth crown can cost up to £1,000 in the UK, it can be completed for only £200-300 in Turkey.

Turkey’s status as a leading health tourism destination has created fierce competition among dental clinics. This competition serves to keep treatment prices at lower levels. Consequently, choosing Turkey for dental treatments, especially expensive ones like crowns, can result in savings of up to 70%. Additionally, lengthy procedures can be completed within a week at dental clinics in Istanbul. Considering these advantages, it’s worth considering a trip to an Istanbul dental clinic for your dental crown needs.

Dental Crown Treatment Prices at Maltepe Dental Clinic

One dental clinic that stands out in Istanbul is Maltepe Dental Clinic. We have been providing dental crown treatments at European standards for years, boasting an in-house laboratory and a team of specialists with different areas of expertise. These advantages enable us to design and create high-quality crowns at affordable prices.

At Maltepe Dental Clinic, the cost of a dental crown treatment ranges from €150-335 per tooth, depending on the type of material used. Emax crowns, known for their aesthetics and durability, are priced higher than other options at around €335. On the other hand, metal-ceramic crowns cost around €150. The technology used in the design and production process also affects the price. For instance, CAD/CAM-produced zirconium crowns cost €285, while traditional techniques are sufficient for posterior teeth crowns, saving patients money at €230 per tooth.

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Remember, investing in dental crowns is an investment in your oral health and confidence. Don’t let cost concerns hold you back from achieving the smile you deserve.