When Is It Too Late To Get Dental Implants

Are you considering getting dental implants but wondering if it’s too late? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the ideal timing for dental implants. So, let’s dive in!

When Is It Too Late To Get Dental Implants
When Is It Too Late To Get Dental Implants

The Importance of Proper Denture Fit

When it comes to dentures, a good fit is everything. It ensures comfort, functionality, and a natural appearance. However, there are times when the denture may need adjustments. This can be frustrating for both the dentist and the patient, leading to multiple visits to the lab. To save time and provide a satisfactory solution, we’re here to share some expert techniques.

Dental Implants

Contouring for Perfect Fit

One of the key techniques used in denture adjustments is contouring. It involves adding tissue characterization to the gums of the denture, making it blend seamlessly with the rest of the mouth. To begin, it’s best to contour the denture after it has been processed and all other details have been applied.

The Right Tools for the Job

To achieve optimal results, we recommend using HORICO dental tools, specifically the carbide bar. With the help of a drill, lightly trim the areas marked in pencil to start contouring, also known as festooning. This technique allows you to create a natural appearance and ensure a comfortable fit.

Dental Tools

Striking the Right Balance

While contouring, it’s essential to strike the perfect balance. Adding just enough tissue characterization will make the denture look convincing and natural. However, be cautious not to add too much, as it may make the denture appear less authentic. Remember, the goal is to create a denture that perfectly blends with the patient’s mouth.

The Perfect Fit

To ensure a comfortable fit, don’t forget to trim the edges of the denture. This will allow it to sit snugly in the mouth. However, be careful not to trim too much, as it can result in an ill-fitting denture. Leaving a little room for the dentist to make adjustments during the fitting process is also a wise idea.

Shine for the Perfect Finish

Once you’ve finished contouring, take the time to polish and shine the denture. A glossy finish not only enhances its appearance but also ensures a smooth texture, providing extra comfort for the patient.


Implants that Make You Smile

By following these expert techniques, you can create a denture that not only impresses but also guarantees a seamless fit within the patient’s mouth. Remember, the happier the patient and the dentist, the better the results.


Getting dental implants is never too late if you take the right approach. With proper contouring techniques and attention to detail, you can achieve a denture that looks and feels natural. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a confident smile!

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