When Cleaning A Dental Handpiece It Is Important To

Despite the demanding nature of your dental practice, it is crucial to prioritize the proper care and maintenance of your dental handpieces. Whether you work with low-speed or high-speed instruments, these tools are essential for your daily procedures. By following the manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning, lubricating, and autoclaving, you can ensure that your handpieces serve you reliably for years to come. In this guide, we will provide you with the information you need to keep your dental handpieces performing at their best.


Cleaning and Lubrication Steps

Cleaning and lubrication are vital steps in caring for your dental handpieces. To optimize the performance of your instruments, follow these four steps:

1. Clean Your Handpiece

Before sterilization, it is important to clean your dental handpieces with a mild, germicidal detergent. You can also use isopropyl alcohol to clean the exterior of the handpiece. Pay close attention to the threads and grips of the instrument, using a toothbrush or specialized brush. After cleaning, run the handpiece for a minute to remove any remaining cleaning solution before sterilization. Remember not to sterilize the handpiece with the bur or blank inside.

2. Lubrication

Before sterilization, make sure to properly lubricate the heads, nosecones, and contra angles of all your handpieces.

3. Flush Lubrication

After lubricating the handpieces, connect them to a special air supply unit and run them for about a minute. This will help expel any excess lubricant.

4. Sterilization

When sterilizing your dental handpieces, avoid using the dry heat method. Instead, opt for the autoclave or chemiclave method.

Avoid placing your dental handpieces in products containing glutaraldehydes, alcohol phenols, or chlorines, as these substances can damage or corrode the metals commonly used in handpieces.

In conclusion, proper cleaning and lubrication are essential for maintaining your dental handpieces. For a detailed step-by-step maintenance procedure, you can download our maintenance brochure.

If you find it challenging to care for your instruments, you can count on Hughes Dental. We are certified experts in dental handpiece maintenance and offer competitive prices along with a wide selection of tools and parts. To learn more about our services, visit our website or call us today at 800-773-0800. We are here to help you keep your dental handpieces in optimal condition.