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Village Family Dental Fayetteville Nc
Village Family Dental Fayetteville Nc

Honoring the Contributions of Puerto Rican Workers in Fort Bragg, North Carolina

In this article, we pay tribute to the Puerto Rican workers who made significant contributions to the construction of Fort Bragg, now known as Camp Bragg. Back in 1918, the US Labor Department recruited over 1,700 Puerto Rican workers to assist with government projects. These brave men, with their families and skills, came to the US mainland in search of better lives.

A Journey Filled with Motivation and Struggle

The journey for these workers was not without its challenges. They faced cultural barriers, a change in climate, limited medical attention, and the language barrier as they only spoke Spanish. Meanwhile, their families back on the island were enduring natural disasters such as earthquakes and deadly tsunamis. Tragically, some workers also fell victim to the Spanish flu, with a significant number losing their lives.

Honoring the Memory of the Unknown Workers

Today, the Fort Bragg cemetery stands as a solemn reminder of the sacrifice made by these workers. The burial ground for some of the Puerto Rican workers who died during the flu epidemic is now known as the Main Post Cemetery. These workers’ stories were once unknown, but thanks to the bravery of Rafael Marchan, who spoke up about their experiences, their legacy lives on.

Closing the Education Gap Through the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals

Outside of Fort Bragg, the North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals is working towards closing the education gap and increasing the number of Hispanic professionals in the education field. This nonprofit organization aims to provide Hispanic students with role models who look like them and encourage them to complete their education.

Liliana’s Colombian Restaurant and Bakery: A Taste of Colombian Tradition

Finally, we take you on a culinary journey to Liliana’s Colombian Restaurant and Bakery, where you can savor the authentic flavors of Colombian cuisine. Liliana, the owner, brings dishes passed down through six generations, ensuring each plate is cooked with love and tradition. From Bandeja Paisa to Sancocho, their menu offers a variety of delectable options that will transport you to Colombia.

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