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Do you ever wonder what goes through a kid’s mind when they decide to steal? In this article, we’ll be counting down some of the most insane and unfortunate incidents where kids got caught stealing. From stolen credit cards to pricey gadgets, their attempts to get away with it all only ended in disaster. Stick around until the end to find out what consequences these young thieves faced.

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The Kid Who Stole Everything, Including the Car

Our first story takes us on an unexpected ride. Imagine a kid not only stealing his parents’ credit card but also their car! He heads straight to the local game store to splurge on a new gaming console. However, his parents catch up to him and find him in the store. Let this be a lesson: never try what this kid did.

Kid stealing

The Store Owner Takes Matters into His Own Hands

In this clip, we witness a kid who repeatedly steals from a local store. Each time, the store owner catches him red-handed. In a fit of rage, the owner decides to teach the young thief a lesson he won’t forget. Watch until the end to see the consequences of his actions.

Mom to the Rescue!

Sometimes, stealing just isn’t worth it, especially when your mom catches you in the act. In this funny yet eye-opening clip, a kid tries to steal some food from a store, unaware that his mom is watching his every move. The mom exposes her sneaky child and teaches him a valuable lesson. Watch to find out what happens next!

Kid stealing food

The Failed Jewelry Heist

One would think that stealing an expensive gold necklace is as easy as pie. Well, not in this case! Our next story features a guy who attempts to steal a pricey necklace from a store but fails miserably. The store owner locks the door, trapping him inside. As if that wasn’t enough, the police show up, leading to a disastrous end for the thief.

Fortnite and Stolen Credit Cards

What could possibly go wrong when a kid steals his dad’s credit card to buy V-Bucks in Fortnite? In this clip, the dad receives a notification on his phone, catching his son in the act. Watch the intense reaction of this unsuspecting dad when he realizes what his son has done.


When Moms Take Matters into Their Own Hands

Stealing can have dire consequences, especially when moms find out. In this shocking clip, a mom discovers that her son has been stealing items from a store and stuffing them into his pockets. Watch as she unleashes her anger and teaches her son a lesson he won’t soon forget.

Stealing the Neighbor’s Package

In this bizarre incident, a small child rides around the neighborhood in his toy car and decides to steal an Amazon package from a neighbor’s porch. Little did he know that his mom would find out. Watch as the thief gets caught and is forced to return the stolen package to its rightful owner.

Kid stealing package

The Apple Store Heist Gone Wrong

Imagine a group of kids barging into an Apple store and stealing brand new iPhones. Unfortunately for them, their plan doesn’t go as smoothly as they hoped. Watch as the thieves get caught by the police and face the consequences of their actions.

The Costly PlayStation Regret

Stealing from your parents is never a good idea, especially when it involves a hefty purchase like a PlayStation 5. In this clip, a kid decides to use his mom’s credit card without permission to buy the coveted gaming console. Watch as his parents’ shock and anger unfold when they discover what he has done.

PlayStation 5

The Shoe Swindler

Our final story involves a kid who thought it was a good idea to steal from his friends during a sleepover. He hides his ill-gotten gains, including shoes, AirPods, and an iPhone, in his bag. However, his friends catch him in the act. Witness the confrontation and find out what consequences await this young thief.

Kid with shoes

If you’ve made it this far, consider yourself awesome for sticking around until the end. Remember, stealing is never the answer, and these stories serve as a reminder of the consequences that await those who choose to take what doesn’t belong to them. Let’s all strive to make better choices and treat others with respect and honesty.

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