Pediatric Dental Center Of Frederick

Hey there! Dr. Amanda from StraightSmile Solutions here, and today we’re going to dive into the world of virtual consults and vertical virtual check-in software. We’ll discuss how these tools can streamline appointments, reduce in-office visits, and make it easier to convert patients to aligners and braces. So, let’s get started with my top picks for virtual consults and check-ins.

Pediatric Dental Center Of Frederick
Pediatric Dental Center Of Frederick

Dental Monitoring – The Big Kahuna

Dental Monitoring

The first on the list is Dental Monitoring (DM), the pioneer in this field. With its robust features and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, DM is an excellent choice for orthodontists with multiple offices and a large patient base. However, if you’re a GP or a pediatric dentist with a smaller number of cases, it might be more than what you need. Pricing can vary, but the onboarding cost is typically a couple of thousand dollars, with a monthly fee of around $11 to $15 per patient. Keep in mind that for optimum results, your patients will need to purchase a specialized scan box for their phones.

SmileSnap – The Virtual Consult Specialist


Next up is SmileSnap, originally designed as a virtual consult tool to generate leads without the need for in-person exams. This HIPAA-compliant software allows patients to send selfies of their teeth, enabling you to provide information and advice remotely. While it can also be used for virtual check-ins, SmileSnap’s primary focus is on virtual consultations. Pricing typically involves an onboarding fee of a few hundred dollars, with a monthly cost that was last reported as reasonable for unlimited patients.

GP OrthoTracking – The Underdog

GP OrthoTracking

GP OrthoTracking is the brainchild of a general dentist who saw the need for affordable solutions in the market. Originally designed as a tracking company, GP OrthoTracking offers a customizable widget that can be integrated into your website for virtual consults or check-ins. The pricing is considerably more affordable, with an onboarding fee of a couple hundred dollars and a monthly fee ranging from $100 to $200 for unlimited patients.

AlignFlow – The Newcomer


Finally, we have AlignFlow, a newcomer that entered the orthodontic market after gaining success in the field of physical therapy. AlignFlow is similar to SmileSnap, but it is focused primarily on check-ins. It offers the flexibility of white-labeling, allowing you to brand the app as your own, enhancing your practice’s image. Onboarding costs range from $600 to $700, and there is an additional fee for white-labeling. However, AlignFlow also provides a monthly payment option of around $200, making it accessible for practices with fewer than 100 patients.

Make Your Smile Shine

When considering these virtual consult and check-in platforms, it’s important to find one that suits your practice’s needs and budget. While some platforms cater to larger practices, others offer more flexibility and affordability for smaller-scale operations. Make sure to explore each option thoroughly and determine which one aligns best with your goals.

Remember, your patients’ satisfaction and convenience are key. By embracing these innovative tools, you can enhance their experience, reduce unnecessary in-person visits, and better manage your practice. So, take the leap and make your patients smile every step of the way!

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