How Much Are Dental X Rays

Hey there! I’m Matteo, and today I want to tell you all about my adventure at the Royal Children’s Hospital, where I got to have some dental X-rays taken. It was quite an interesting experience! Let’s dive into the world of dental X-rays together.

How Much Are Dental X Rays
How Much Are Dental X Rays

The X-ray Room: A Closer Look

When we arrived at the hospital, Sharon, the radiographer, greeted us and guided us into the X-ray room. The room was filled with various equipment, but there was one camera in particular that caught my attention. It looked like an airplane, with the X-ray cameras positioned on its wings. Cool, right?

Safety First: The Lead Apron

Before we started taking the X-rays, Sharon asked my mom to wear a lead apron. This way, my mom could stay with me during the procedure while keeping the camera from capturing any unwanted photos. Safety first!

Preparing for the X-rays

Sharon showed us the fascinating mouthpiece that I would need to bite onto for clear photos of my teeth. To make sure it was clean, she placed a little blue cover on top of it. She also placed head supports around my head to remind me to keep still. It was like putting on a helmet before a big adventure!

Striking a Pose

Sharon used red lines to mark the center of my face, helping her position me correctly for the photos. Once everything was ready, she turned off the lights. The camera began to move, making a soft humming noise as it captured the images. It was essential for me to stay completely still and bite down on the mouthpiece, so my teeth would show up clearly in the films. Don’t worry, though – it didn’t hurt at all!

The Other X-rays: Funny Hats and Perfect Poses

After finishing with the photos of my teeth and jaw, it was time for the X-rays of the sides of my face. Sharon helped me get into position in front of another camera, which looked like a funny hat. She placed three head measures around my head – two by my ears and one lining up with my nose. The most important thing for these photos was keeping my teeth tightly together while the camera worked its magic.

All Done!

And just like that, the X-rays were done! Sharon thanked me, and my mom and I removed our lead apron. We were ready to head back home. It was such a fascinating experience, and I was proud of how well I did throughout the procedure.

Remember, getting dental X-rays is a necessary part of taking care of your teeth. It helps dentists see things they might miss just by looking. So, the next time you need to have dental X-rays, don’t worry – it’s a breeze!

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