Greater New York Dental Meeting

Greater New York Dental Meeting

The first Women Dentists’ Leadership Conference at the Greater New York Dental Meeting left attendees feeling inspired and empowered. Dr. Mina Kim, the dentist-owner of Bryant Park Dental Associates, and the treasurer of New York County Dental Society, along with her partner Lois Jackson, organized this groundbreaking event. The conference aimed to uplift and equip women dentists with the necessary tools to excel in their careers.

Greater New York Dental Meeting
Greater New York Dental Meeting

Facing Challenges and Building Resilience

Dr. Kim took the initiative to create the Women Dentists’ Leadership Conference because she recognized the importance of empowering women in the dental industry. Despite the presence of women dentist leaders, they often face marginalization. Even at the conference, Dr. Kim had a disappointing experience when a vendor questioned her profession and asked to see her badge. This incident highlighted the prevalent biases that women dentists still encounter.

Creating an Impactful Conference

The Women Dentists’ Leadership Conference focused on essential topics such as leadership, handling bias, and mentorship. One key takeaway from the event was the need for women dentists to have a seat at the table. Dr. Kim emphasized that women must make their voices heard in the boardroom and ensure their needs are met. Mentorship also emerged as a vital theme during the conference, with speakers highlighting the significance of having support and guidance from experienced professionals.

Networking and Organized Dentistry

Dr. Kim believes that organized dentistry plays a crucial role in ensuring that women dentists’ interests are represented. As the number of women in dental schools continues to rise, it is essential for leadership positions to reflect this demographic shift. Networking provides opportunities for women dentists to connect, share experiences, and support one another. Dr. Kim, alongside Dr. Lois Jackson, founded the Women to Women Dentists’ Network, a platform that organizes social events and fosters professional relationships among women in dentistry.

Looking Towards the Future

The overwhelming positive feedback from the Women Dentists’ Leadership Conference has solidified its place as an annual event. Dr. Kim and her team are excited to continue providing a platform for women dentists to connect, learn, and grow. The conference not only offers valuable insights into leadership and mentorship but also creates opportunities for women to empower one another.

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The Greater New York Dental Meeting was a memorable and impactful event for all attendees. It shed light on the challenges faced by women dentists and highlighted the importance of empowering and supporting each other. Through networking, mentorship, and leadership development, these inspiring women are making their mark in the dental industry. With events like the Women Dentists’ Leadership Conference, they are breaking barriers and paving the way for future generations of women in dentistry.