G.u.m. Dental Floss

As a dental hygienist, I often get asked about the best dental floss for maintaining oral hygiene. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, I’ll share my expertise and guide you through the process of selecting the most effective dental floss for your teeth.

G.u.m. Dental Floss
G.u.m. Dental Floss

Texture Matters for Plaque Removal

When it comes to floss, texture is key. As a rule of thumb, the more texture a floss has, the better it will be at removing plaque. Imagine trying to clean up a mess with plastic wrap. It would only smear the mess and make it worse. On the other hand, using a towel or rag with lots of texture would do the job much more effectively. The same concept applies to floss. More texture means better plaque removal.

Cocofloss: My Go-To Choice

My current favorite go-to floss is Cocofloss. This string floss is made up of hundreds of little filaments woven together, creating a lot of texture. This textured design allows Cocofloss to efficiently grab and remove plaque. Additionally, the floss is colored in a vibrant Caribbean blue shade, which makes it easy to see the plaque you remove. It’s a great motivational tool to keep up with your dental care routine.


However, it’s important to note that Cocofloss is on the pricier side compared to other floss options. While you can get regular floss for a buck at the dollar store, Cocofloss typically costs around eight dollars. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s still more affordable than dealing with dental issues that may arise from poor oral hygiene.

Reach Brand Mint Waxed Floss: A Budget-Friendly Alternative

If Cocofloss doesn’t fit your budget or you prefer something more affordable, Reach Brand Mint Waxed Floss is an excellent choice. This floss has been my go-to for many years before I discovered Cocofloss. It offers substantial texture and effectively removes plaque. Whether you prefer mint or another flavor, the choice is yours. The waxed or unwaxed aspect is merely a matter of personal preference.

Reach Brand Mint Waxed Floss

The best part is that you can find Reach Brand Mint Waxed Floss at the dollar store for just a dollar. It’s a cost-effective option without compromising on its plaque removal abilities.

Avoid Glide Type Floss

I must warn you against using Glide or any floss made with Teflon material. These types of floss lack texture and are similar to plastic wrap. They may smear plaque around your teeth rather than effectively removing it. While Glide may be marketed for people with tight teeth or floss shreds, it’s not the ideal choice for maintaining good oral health.

Seeking Professional Advice

If you find it challenging to use regular floss due to tight contacts or other issues, I recommend visiting your dentist. It’s possible that there may be an underlying problem that needs attention. Flossing should be accessible for everyone, and if you’re struggling, it’s essential to address the root cause.


In summary, selecting the right dental floss is crucial for maintaining good oral hygiene. Look for floss with ample texture as it will provide better plaque removal. Cocofloss and Reach Brand Mint Waxed Floss are my top recommendations for their effectiveness and value for money. Remember, taking care of your teeth is an investment in your overall health. So choose a floss that makes you smile!