Dental Savings Plan Vs Insurance

Welcome to the world of dental savings plans! As a new member, you have taken a wise step towards making dental care more affordable and accessible for both you and your family. We, at Make You Smile, are thrilled to have you on board and want to ensure that you maximize your savings and benefits. So, let’s take a quick tour of the members’ area and show you how easy it is to get started.

Dental Savings Plan Vs Insurance
Dental Savings Plan Vs Insurance

Logging into Your Members Area

To begin, log in to your members’ area by clicking on “Member Login” in the top right-hand corner of our homepage. Enter your email address and password, and you’re ready to go. From the main page, you can access a range of features that will help you make the most of your dental savings plan.

Printing Your Member Card

Start by printing your member card, which is essential for availing the full benefits of your plan. Just click the “Print My Card” button, followed by “Print Basic Card.” You can print as many copies as you need for every member of your family. Remember to carry this card whenever you visit a dentist in order to enjoy the reduced rates and savings provided by your plan.

Finding a Dentist

Finding a dentist within your plan is a breeze. Simply go to the main page of the members area and click on “Find a Dentist.” Enter your zip code, select a specific type of dentist if you prefer, and indicate how far you’re willing to travel. Then click on “Find a Dentist,” and a list of qualifying dentists in your area will pop up. You can even choose a provider as your primary dentist while still having the option to visit others within your plan. Rest assured that you can change your main dentist anytime it suits you.

Viewing the Fee Schedule

Understanding the fee schedule is crucial to making informed decisions about your dental procedures. If you have a plan from Aetna or Cigna, simply call us at 800-494-9249 with the name of your dentist and ADA code, and we’ll provide you with the relevant fee schedule. For all other plans, you can easily view the fee schedule by clicking on “View Fee Schedule” on the main page of the members area. This comprehensive list will give you detailed information about the reduced rates you’ll enjoy for each dental procedure.

Managing Your Account

Managing your account details is a piece of cake. Simply click on “My Account” in the navigation menu on the left-hand side. Here, you can update your email, change your password, and make adjustments to your profile and payment information whenever needed. We want to make sure you have complete control over your account details.

Assistance Whenever You Need It

At Make You Smile, we understand that questions may arise along the way. That’s why our :DP AtYourService™ team is always at your disposal. Whether you prefer phone assistance at 800-494-9294 or live chat available in the members area, we’re here to help. Our goal is to make your experience as informative and stress-free as possible.

Remember, it’s Make You Smile!

When it’s time to visit your dentist, remember to call their office and schedule an appointment. Be sure to mention the dental savings plan name listed on your card. This will ensure that you receive all the benefits of your plan and are charged accordingly. You can also request a breakdown of procedure costs from your dentist to see how much money you will be saving on each visit.

It’s important to note that Make You Smile is the platform through which you access your plan, not the name of your specific plan. Your plan may come from trusted healthcare brands like Cigna, Aetna, Careington, or others. For instance, your plan name might be “Preferred Network Access by Cigna.” Rest assured, you’re in good hands.

When your dental visit is complete, there’s no need to hassle with paperwork or claims. Your discounted payment is due at the time of service, making the process hassle-free. While we expect all your visits to go smoothly, our :DP AtYourService™ team is just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns. We value your satisfaction and are here to assist you.

Once again, congratulations on becoming a dental savings plan member! We are thrilled to have you join us in enjoying the benefits and reduced rates that your plan has to offer. For more information and to explore other ways to make you smile, visit Make You Smile.

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