Dental Receptionist 13 Year Old

Dental Receptionist 13 Year Old
Dental Receptionist 13 Year Old


Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-inducing experience for many people. But what happens when the person treating you isn’t a qualified dentist or, even worse, is intentionally causing harm? In this article, we will explore some shocking cases of dentist misconduct that left patients traumatized and with long-lasting consequences.

Dental Horror

The Fake Dentist: Krista Szewczyk

One haunting case involves Krista Szewczyk, a Georgia woman who pretended to be a dentist for seven years. Operating alongside her husband, a former sheriff’s deputy, Szewczyk ran County Dental Providers, a business that connected patients with dentists. However, when dentists were unavailable, Szewczyk took matters into her own hands, performing dental work without a valid license. Patients suffered horrifying infections and complications. In 2018, they were finally indicted and are now facing numerous criminal charges.

The Dentist of Horror: Jacobus van Nierop

In France, a Dutch dentist named Jacobus van Nierop earned the terrifying moniker “dentist of horror.” Van Nierop subjected around 120 patients to painful and unnecessary procedures, leaving them with permanent damage. Patients reported teeth filing, broken jaws, and untreated abscesses. After evading authorities by fleeing to Canada, he was eventually extradited and sentenced to eight years in prison.

Illegal Dental Practice: Enrique Sanabria Gravier & Adriana Gutierrez Hoyos

A Florida couple, Enrique Sanabria Gravier and Adriana Gutierrez Hoyos, operated an illegal dental practice out of their garage. They performed extractions, braces, and crowns on undocumented Hispanic patients. Patients had to speak Spanish and provide a recommendation to secure an appointment. The couple was arrested and charged with practicing dentistry without a license, as well as conspiracy to commit a felony.

Murderous Dentist: Clara Suarez

Clara Suarez, a dentist in Texas, had a successful practice and appeared to have it all. However, her marriage took a dark turn when she discovered her husband’s affair. In a fit of rage, Suarez confronted her husband and his mistress at a hotel. She struck her husband with her car, ultimately killing him. Although Suarez claimed it was an accident, witnesses stated she deliberately ran him over multiple times. She was found guilty of murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Rogue Dental Assistant: Laurel Eich

In Reno, Nevada, dental assistant Laurel Eich was arrested for burglarizing the dental office where she worked. During her arrest, Eich made a shocking revelation. Despite not being a licensed dentist, she admitted to performing dental extractions on a patient, using anesthesia from the office. Eich faces multiple charges, including burglary, grand larceny, and practicing dentistry without a license.

The Dangers of DIY Dentistry: Alexandria Pierce-Baddeley

Driven by fear of contracting COVID-19, Alexandria Pierce-Baddeley decided to treat a painful abscess in her mouth on her own. Without proper medical training, she attempted to extract the abscess and applied a turmeric paste. Tragically, Pierce-Baddeley inadvertently overdosed on painkillers and alcohol, leading to her untimely death.


These shocking cases serve as a reminder of the importance of seeking qualified professionals for dental care. Dentist misconduct can have severe consequences, leaving patients physically and emotionally scarred. By choosing reputable dentists and reporting any suspicious practices, we can ensure the safety and well-being of dental patients everywhere.

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