Dental Insurance That Covers Invisalign For Adults

Are you tired of the high cost and discomfort associated with dental visits? You’re not alone. Many people dread going to the dentist, but it’s a necessary part of maintaining good oral health. One of the reasons people avoid the dentist is the expense. Did you know that almost 100% of adults will experience tooth decay at some point in their lives? It’s a staggering fact that highlights the importance of dental care.

So, why is dental coverage so important? Well, your oral health is closely connected to your overall well-being. Neglecting your teeth can lead to a wide range of health problems. That’s why having dental insurance is essential. It ensures that you can afford regular visits to the dentist and take care of any issues that may arise.

Before we dive into the top dental insurance providers, let’s discuss a few things to consider when choosing a dental plan. First, think about your specific needs. Are you looking for coverage for yourself or your entire family? Consider the monthly or yearly premium, deductible amount, and what procedures are covered. Also, take note of the cost for office visits and routine care. Lastly, check where you can use the insurance and if it aligns with your preferred dental providers.

Now, let’s explore the top five dental insurance providers:

Dental Insurance That Covers Invisalign For Adults
Dental Insurance That Covers Invisalign For Adults

1. Manulife

Manulife offers Flexcare Health and Dental, which provides a comprehensive insurance package. With multiple plans available, you can find the perfect fit for your needs. If you prefer having all your insurance in one place, Manulife is an excellent option.


2. Canada Protection Plan (CPP)

Canada Protection Plan offers both health and dental insurance, giving you the flexibility to choose a plan that suits you and your family. Whether you’re self-employed or a business owner, CPP has options for you.


3. Blue Cross Canada

Blue Cross offers dental insurance in combination with health coverage. Their aim is to encourage regular dental visits, especially for those without employer insurance benefits. If you’re self-employed, Blue Cross can provide the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Blue Cross

4. Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada understands the changing work landscape and offers both health and dental insurance plans to accommodate non-traditional work setups. With various plans to choose from, you can find the right coverage no matter where you work.

Green Shield

5. The Canada Life Assurance Company

Formerly known as Great-West Life Assurance Company, The Canada Life Assurance Company offers the Sonata Health plan. This plan allows you to customize coverage for yourself or your family. Choose from three different levels of care and add extras as needed.

Canada Life

When selecting a dental insurance provider, compare the different plans and choose the one that suits your needs best. Whether you require prescription drug coverage, dental care, or comprehensive health coverage, there are options available to make sure you and your loved ones are protected.

Remember, taking care of your teeth is crucial not only for your oral health but also for your overall well-being. With the right dental insurance, you can visit the dentist without worrying about the cost. Don’t let fear or financial constraints prevent you from achieving a healthy smile.

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Now, take the first step towards a healthier smile by choosing the dental insurance that covers Invisalign for adults.