Dental Implant Before And After

Smile Transformation

Welcome to another edition of Smile of the Week, where we showcase amazing smile transformations that inspire and bring joy to everyone. In today’s feature, we delve into the remarkable journey of a gentleman who traveled all the way from Chicago to seek help with his smile at Innovative Dental in Springfield, Missouri. Let’s dive into this smile makeover and witness the incredible before and after results!

Dental Implant Before And After
Dental Implant Before And After

A Smile in Need of Transformation

Before Photo

Our patient’s smile, though not terrible, had a significant underbite that needed addressing. We understand that many of you can relate to bite issues, and we welcome your questions and comments about your own experiences. Additionally, our patient had an infected and broken premolar, as revealed in the X-ray image. This presented a challenge for us to provide him with a beautiful smile and restore the functionality of his teeth.

The Journey Begins: Planning the Transformation


To ensure a successful smile transformation, we started with a comprehensive evaluation. Through a 3D X-ray, we assessed the bone quality and infection extent. Meanwhile, our innovative technology allowed us to have a virtual consultation with our patient, reviewing his photos and X-rays. This initial step laid the foundation for our treatment plan.

Utilizing Digital Imaging for Precise Planning

Digital Impressions

With the help of our advanced 3D technology, we created a digital impression of our patient’s teeth. This enabled us to visualize the missing tooth and meticulously plan the exact placement of the implant. By merging the 3D X-ray and intra-oral scan, we obtained a highly detailed plan that guided us throughout the process. This cutting-edge approach to guided implants played a crucial role in achieving the desired results.

Step by Step: The Transformation Unfolds

While the implant healed, we made the most of our time and proceeded with Invisalign treatment. Contrary to popular belief, Invisalign can be a suitable solution for adults, especially when combined with Propel technology. Propel enhances tooth movement, allowing us to correct our patient’s lower teeth and achieve the perfect overbite and overjet. This vital step set the stage for a successful smile transformation.


Finally, the day arrived to unveil the stunning smile transformation. Our patient returned to our office, and we embarked on a full-mouth restoration journey. In just under seven hours, we meticulously crafted and placed crowns, veneers, and an implant. The use of powerful software aided in designing the perfect smile, and our advanced milling machines brought the restorations to life. Our patient left our office with a brand new smile, ready to show it off in Chicago.

The Final Result: A Smile Worth Celebrating

After Photo

Witnessing the dramatic before and after results, it’s evident that this smile transformation journey was a resounding success. The combination of Invisalign, dental implant, and restorative procedures has given our patient newfound confidence and happiness. We take pride in utilizing the latest technology to offer effective and efficient treatments, ensuring a smile that surpasses expectations.

Join the Smile Transformation Movement

If you have any questions about the technologies we used or the treatment process itself, we invite you to share them in the comment section below. We genuinely appreciate your engagement, as it allows us to provide valuable insights into the world of dentistry. Stay tuned for more inspiring Smile of the Week stories, where we continue to showcase the power of a beautiful smile.

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