Dental Hygienist Job Near Me

Are you a dental hygienist looking for a change? The days of simply showing up to work, treating patients, and repeating the same routine may be evolving. Now, hygienists have the opportunity to explore interesting roles within the dental practice.

In a recent episode of “Gloves Off” on Dentistry IQ, David Rice, the chief editor, and Katrina Sanders, the wine dentist, discussed the exciting possibilities for hygienists in alternative career roles. From educational programs to marketing and beyond, hygienists can step into their power and make a significant impact.

Dental Hygienist Job Near Me
Dental Hygienist Job Near Me

Embracing Educational Roles

For hygienists who love staying updated on the latest research and enjoy educating patients, there are numerous options to consider. You can approach your doctor or practice owner and propose writing a segment in the monthly newsletter or starting a dedicated monthly newsletter for patients. Sharing valuable information and research findings can help educate and engage patients, creating a more informed and empowered community.

Additionally, if you have a knack for social media and copywriting, you can offer your services to promote the practice through various marketing channels. By creating compelling content, you can help build the practice’s brand and attract new patients. It’s a win-win situation for both the practice and your personal brand as a hygienist.

Nonclinical Modalities Within the Practice

If you prefer to focus on specific areas within the practice, you can explore nonclinical modalities that align with your interests and passion. Consider oromyofunctional therapy, where you can dedicate your time to this specialized field and help patients improve their oral function. Alternatively, you can delve into patient counseling, salivary diagnostics, oral inflammation, or nutritional panels. By narrowing your focus, you can provide targeted care and enhance the overall patient experience.

Community Outreach and Engagement

Beyond the practice, there are countless opportunities to get involved in community outreach. Sanders shared her experience working with diverse practices and engaging with various demographics. For instance, she organized educational programs at local Whole Foods and Sprouts to reach a more health-conscious audience. At the same time, she collaborated with schools to educate young children on oral hygiene.

Whether it’s conducting oral hygiene boot camps, school programs, or creating strategic partnerships with local businesses, hygienists can take on roles that allow them to showcase their unique skills and make a positive impact on the community.

Finding Your Passion

The key to exploring alternative career roles as a dental hygienist is to identify your passion and determine how it can be amplified within the practice. From arts and crafts to office decoration, there are countless ways to leverage your skills and make a difference. By aligning your career with your passions, you can combat burnout and experience personal and professional growth.

As a dental professional, it’s essential to embrace change, step out of your comfort zone, and redefine your role within the dental practice. By doing so, you create new opportunities for yourself, advance your skills, and enhance patient care.

Remember, it’s not just about showing up in the same scrubs every day. It’s about embracing the evolving landscape of dentistry and finding your unique path to success.

To learn more about alternative career roles in dentistry, stay tuned to Dentistry IQ and make sure to follow “Gloves Off” for the latest insights and discussions.

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