Dental Crowns Before And After

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Hey there, it’s Dr. O from Innovative Dental, and today I want to discuss the topic of dental crowns. If you’ve ever considered getting crowns on your front teeth, you might want to think twice. Let me explain why.

Dental Crowns Before And After
Dental Crowns Before And After

The Downsides of Dental Crowns

Most of the time, we can actually avoid crowns altogether. Why? Well, let’s break it down.

Aggressiveness and Tooth Structure

When you opt for a crown, we have to remove a significant amount of enamel from your tooth. This can make your tooth more susceptible to fractures, breakage, and even the need for a root canal in the future. So, why do we have to cut all the way around the tooth? In the past, it was necessary to create space for a temporary plastic tooth while the lab made your crown. However, modern technology has advanced, and now we can actually create the crown in one visit without the need for a temporary.

Bite Surface and Tooth Wear

Another disadvantage of crowns on front teeth is that they alter the bite surface of your natural teeth. This can lead to increased wear on your lower teeth and potential chipping or breaking of the crown over time. The forces exerted on front teeth, especially when eating, can weaken the crown and cause further problems down the road.

Long-Term Tooth Health

Additionally, crowns can weaken your front teeth, especially when it comes to lateral forces and chewing motions. Over time, this can lead to tooth breakage and other issues. By avoiding crowns, we can preserve more of your natural tooth structure, reducing the likelihood of future complications.

Viable Alternatives

So, what should you do if you have tooth decay or other concerns? I recommend seeking a dentist who offers more conservative solutions, such as 3/4 crowns or veneers. These options don’t require cutting down the backside of your tooth and can help you avoid long-term challenges. Look for a dentist who can provide same-day restorations and is skilled in preparing teeth for veneers.

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Trust Innovative Dental for a Healthier Smile

At Innovative Dental, we prioritize your long-term dental health. Our goal is to provide you with the most conservative and effective care possible. Avoid unnecessary crowns and opt for alternatives that preserve your natural tooth structure. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. And hey, if you found this information helpful, give us a thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more educational content. Thanks for tuning in, and we’ll catch you next time!

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