Dental Crown Not Seated Properly

Dental crowns, or “caps,” are an essential part of restorative dental treatment, protecting and prolonging the life of damaged teeth. They should seamlessly blend in with your natural teeth, allowing you to eat comfortably. However, sometimes dental crowns may not fit properly, causing issues with your bite and overall oral health. Let’s explore what makes a good crown, how to fix an ill-fitting one, and what can cause crowns to come loose.

What Makes a Good Crown?

To understand how to fix an ill-fitting crown, we must first establish what constitutes a good crown. Here are a few parameters:

  • The margin, where the crown meets the tooth, should be smooth and imperceptible to prevent plaque buildup and gum problems.
  • The crown should fit snugly, with no gaps greater than 50 microns. A large gap can lead to decay underneath the crown.
  • Once cemented, the crown should stay in place for many years.
  • The crown should look natural in color, size, and details, blending seamlessly with your other teeth.
  • The contact points between the teeth should be tight, preventing food from getting stuck while still allowing for flossing.
  • The bite should feel normal, with equal pressure as your other teeth.

What if the Above Parameters are Not Met?

In some cases, a dentist can make minor adjustments to the crown to improve its fit and contour. However, if significant changes are necessary, the crown might need to be sent back to the lab for modifications. Open margins can be addressed by identifying the issue preventing the crown from seating properly and adjusting either the crown or the tooth. If a crown repeatedly falls off, it indicates a lack of precision in fit or issues with the underlying tooth structure. Esthetic concerns can also be resolved by refining the color, contour, and other characteristics of the crown. Often, a custom shade and staining appointment with a skilled ceramist can achieve remarkable results. Contact points that are either too tight or too loose can be adjusted or modified accordingly. Additionally, if the bite feels off, simple adjustments or material additions can restore proper alignment.

What Can Cause Dental Crowns to Come Loose?

Dental crowns are designed to be strong and long-lasting, but they require precise manufacturing and placement. Any misstep in the process can result in a loose crown that feels unnatural. Apart from imperfect dental work, other factors that can cause crowns to come loose include physical trauma, clenching or grinding of teeth, underlying decay, and sticky sweets.

How Does a Dentist Fix Dental Crowns?

Fixing an ill-fitting crown requires precision and expertise. Adjustments may involve filing or shaving the crown to ensure a perfect fit with the surrounding teeth. Minor adjustments can usually be made in-office, but extensive changes may necessitate sending the crown back to the laboratory. In some cases, a crown may need to be replaced if it has chipped, does not fit properly, fails to seal the tooth, or if decay has developed underneath.

The Lifespan of Dental Crowns

With proper care, dental crowns can last for about 10 years or longer. The longevity of a crown depends on factors such as the materials used, at-home care routine, and how well it was placed. If your crown is becoming loose or damaged after many years of wear, it may be time for a replacement.

Fitting Dental Crowns

Dentists prioritize the perfect fit of permanent dental crowns to ensure they feel and function like natural teeth. The process typically involves taking impressions of your prepared tooth, bite, and neighboring teeth to create a model on which the crown is designed. Temporary crowns may be used while waiting for the permanent crown to be manufactured. Although temporary crowns may not fit as seamlessly, they provide interim protection until your permanent crown is ready.

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