Dental Assistant Salary Los Angeles

If you’re considering a career in dental hygiene, you may be wondering how to make the most of your education and future job prospects. Look no further than West Los Angeles College’s Dental Hygiene program. With a strong emphasis on academic excellence and quality patient care, this program offers a Bachelor’s degree that can open doors to a variety of exciting opportunities in the field.

Dental Assistant Salary Los Angeles
Dental Assistant Salary Los Angeles

The Benefits of a Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene

Expert Instructors Emphasize the Value of Higher Education

Joy Ogami Avala, a full-time faculty member with West Los Angeles College, believes that a Bachelor’s degree is incredibly beneficial for students. Not only does it provide an opportunity to continue their education to the Master’s level, but it also ensures that the dental hygiene field maintains its academic excellence and quality patient care.

Carlos Sermino, another faculty member at West Los Angeles College, further emphasizes the advantages of a Bachelor’s degree. Not only does it enhance job prospects within the growing dental hygiene field, but it also opens doors to other areas such as research and working with dental companies.

Expanded Career Opportunities Await

Lisa Kamibayashi, a full-time faculty member, points out that a Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene can help students achieve their dreams beyond just being a clinical dental hygienist. With a Bachelor’s degree, graduates can explore various career paths, including teaching, management, and advanced specialized practice programs.

High-Quality Education at an Affordable Price

Courtney Cylear, a junior at West LA Dental Hygiene program, chose the program because it encompassed all the qualities she needed for her education and career. Not only does West Los Angeles College offer the same rigorous curriculum and accreditation standards as private institutions, but it also provides an affordable option for those who cannot afford the high tuition fees of private schools.

Making Dreams a Reality

The testimonials of Megan Gordan, Annette Ledezma, Amarachi Uwake, and Norina Del Rosario highlight the shared sentiment among students at West Los Angeles College’s Dental Hygiene program. They all have ambitious career goals, ranging from becoming directors, leading dental hygienists, professors, or opening their own practices. A Bachelor’s degree in Dental Hygiene is seen as a stepping stone towards achieving these dreams.

Unlocking the Path to Success

The West LA Dental Hygiene program not only prepares students with extensive clinical experience but also offers opportunities to work in various clinics throughout Los Angeles. These real-world experiences, combined with a Bachelor’s degree, make graduates highly competitive in the job market and open doors to a wide range of professional opportunities.

Pursue Your Passion with West Los Angeles College

If you’re passionate about dental hygiene and want to make a difference in the field, West Los Angeles College’s Dental Hygiene program is the perfect choice. With dedicated faculty, a comprehensive curriculum, and affordable tuition fees, this program can help you unlock the opportunities you need to succeed.

Don’t miss out on your chance to pursue a fulfilling career in dental hygiene. Learn more about the Dental Hygiene program at West Los Angeles College here. Invest in your future and embark on a rewarding journey in the ever-growing field of dental hygiene.