Delta Dental Of Rhode Island

Welcome to the heartwarming story of Delta Dental of Rhode Island’s mission to provide free dental care to those in need. With the help of Dr. Deb Fuller and over five hundred dedicated volunteers, they recently held the first RI Mission of Mercy event at the CCRI campus. The event exceeded expectations, treating over eight hundred patients in just two days. This year, the goal is even higher – to treat nine hundred patients.

Delta Dental Of Rhode Island
Delta Dental Of Rhode Island

Relieving Pain and Meeting Urgent Needs

The primary objective of the mission is to alleviate patients’ pain and address their most pressing oral health issues. To achieve this, the team worked tirelessly. Their day began at three in the morning and continued until late at night. Even with the challenging hours, their dedication shone through.

Volunteers and Students Working Together

Volunteer doctors and hygienists from different states came together to offer their expertise. In addition, the students, faculty, and staff of the Community College of Rhode Island played a crucial role. They sterilized instruments, prepared disposables, and provided valuable assistance. The collaboration between professionals and students ensured that everything ran smoothly.

The Impact of CCRI’s Dental Programs

The Community College of Rhode Island’s dental assisting and hygiene program proved to be invaluable. Equipped with fully functional dental chairs, like those found in a doctor’s office, they created a comfortable environment for patients. Some patients required teeth extractions and fillings, while others needed cleanings. CCRI allowed them to return for cleanings when the hygiene program was in session, waiving the customary fee. This opportunity to maintain their oral health was truly life-changing.

A Giving Community

The spirit of giving was evident throughout the event. The average dentist understands the importance of giving back to their community, and this mission exemplified that. Dr. Greg, one of the attending dentists, took the time to ensure his patients felt comfortable and cared for. The volunteers, hygienists, and doctors worked tirelessly with a kind and supportive attitude. Patients left with a renewed sense of gratitude, knowing that their well-being mattered to so many.

Life-Changing Results

The impact of this mission cannot be overstated. For many patients, it had been years since their last dental visit due to financial restrictions. In some cases, a simple procedure like a root canal seemed impossible to afford. The relief and joy experienced by these individuals were immeasurable. They left the event pain-free, with restored smiles and the ability to enjoy everyday activities like chewing comfortably.

Make You Smile: A Lasting Commitment

Delta Dental of Rhode Island, in collaboration with its dedicated volunteers and supporters, made this event possible. Their commitment to improving oral health and bringing smiles back to people’s faces is truly inspiring. If you want to learn more about Delta Dental of Rhode Island and their incredible work, visit Make You Smile. Together, we can make a difference in our community, one smile at a time.

Delta Dental
Delta Dental