Delta Dental For Seniors On Medicare

Delta Dental

Are you looking for reliable dental coverage? Look no further than Delta Dental – the nation’s leading dental benefits provider offering excellent dental care for seniors on Medicare. With Delta Dental, you can protect your smile while keeping your wallet happy. Let’s explore what Delta Dental has to offer and why it’s the right choice for you.

Delta Dental For Seniors On Medicare
Delta Dental For Seniors On Medicare

Why Choose Delta Dental

Delta Dental has been dedicated to providing top-quality oral healthcare for over 59 years. Founded by a group of dentists, their mission is to offer cost-effective dental solutions that prioritize your oral health. With over 60 million members in their plans, Delta Dental has helped countless individuals improve and maintain their overall health.

Plan Options for Every Need

Delta Dental understands that every individual is unique, and their dental needs vary. That’s why they offer two plan options: the Standard Plan and the High Plan. Both plans cover the same procedures, but the coverage percentages, maximums, and deductibles differ.

The Standard Plan

Are you someone who visits the dentist regularly for routine cleanings and check-ups? If so, the Standard Plan might be the perfect fit for you. With affordable biweekly rates starting at just $10 for Self Only, $20 for Self Plus One, and $31 for the whole family, you’ll save more money with the Standard Plan than you spend, even for routine services.

The High Plan

If you anticipate needing more extensive dental work like root canals, gum surgery, crowns, implants, or dentures, the High Plan is tailored to meet your needs. With a higher coverage percentage for costly procedures, a higher annual maximum, and a lower deductible, the High Plan offers comprehensive coverage at an average biweekly rate of just $20 for Self Only, $40 for Self Plus One, and $60 for the whole family.

Making the Most of Your Benefits

To maximize your benefits, all you need to do is visit a Delta Dental Federal Employees Dental Program network dentist. Delta Dental has a vast nationwide network of dentists, ensuring that you can easily find one near you. By visiting an in-network dentist, you’ll enjoy zero cash-shares for routine cleanings, exams, and x-rays. Plus, you’ll never have to pay more than the program allowable amount for any other services or deal with deductibles. This means significant cost savings for you!


Moreover, network dentists handle all your claims paperwork, making the process hassle-free. With a substantial annual maximum benefit, you can rest assured knowing that you’re getting the most out of your coverage.

Your Dental Wellness Matters

At Delta Dental, your health and happiness are their top priorities. They offer education and wellness programs to help you maintain optimal oral health. Visit their SmileWay wellness site for over a hundred articles on dental topics, oral health tips, and content tailored for seniors. Take the SmileWay challenge to assess your potential oral health risk factors, gain knowledge about maintaining physical and oral health, and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle continuously.

Choose Delta Dental for a Healthy Smile

Delta Dental is passionate about ensuring that federal employees receive the best dental coverage at affordable rates. With 100% coverage for in-network preventive care services, access to the nation’s largest network of dentists, and outstanding customer service, Delta Dental is here to meet your dental needs. Don’t wait! Enroll in Delta Dental today and join the millions of satisfied customers who have made Delta Dental their trusted dental insurance provider.

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