Cost For Full Mouth Dental Implants


Are you tired of dealing with decayed and worn-down teeth that make it difficult for you to eat? Meet Goran, who faced the same challenges until he made the life-changing decision to get full mouth dental implants. In this article, we’ll dive into Goran’s journey and explore the cost and benefits of this revolutionary dental procedure.

Cost For Full Mouth Dental Implants
Cost For Full Mouth Dental Implants

A New Lease on Life

Goran’s dental issues were severe. His teeth were decayed and worn down due to grinding, leaving him with limited options for eating comfortably. After years of contemplating implants, he finally took the leap. However, his case required some additional steps.

The Journey Begins

Upon conducting a thorough evaluation of Goran’s three-dimensional scans, Dr. Helen discovered a cyst in his upper jaw caused by a longstanding tooth infection. Before implants could be placed, the cyst had to be removed and allowed to heal. Subsequently, after further assessment, Goran decided on six implants for his upper jaw and four implants for his lower jaw.

The Science Behind the Numbers

The decision to opt for six implants in the upper jaw was based on the fact that the bone in this area is generally more porous. This choice ensures a better long-term prognosis. However, a minimum of four implants is considered adequate. In an ideal situation, Goran would have chosen six implants for his lower jaw as well. However, he had to strike a balance between perfection and finances, ultimately deciding on four implants.

The Transformation Process

Goran underwent several preparatory appointments before the surgery. Under general anesthetic, his teeth were removed, and the implants were placed. The entire surgery lasted around five hours. Remarkably, during the same procedure, Goran’s new teeth were created while he was still asleep. The following day, he returned to have his new teeth fitted.

Patience is Key

Although immediate teeth replacement treatments like All-on-4 offer the convenience of fixed bridges inserted the day after surgery, patience is required during the integration process. Implants take three to five months to fully integrate and fuse with the jawbone. Therefore, during this time, patients must be cautious with their eating habits. The diet typically consists of soft foods such as mashed potatoes, blended soups, and very soft pasta. Applying pressure to the implants during this period can lead to implant failure.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Fortunately, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Once the implants have fully integrated, and the final bridge is fitted, patients can enjoy all types of foods again. However, it’s essential to exercise caution with very hard crusts and biscuits. Additionally, proper at-home cleaning and regular dental maintenance are crucial for the longevity of the implants. Overall, they are the next best thing to natural teeth.

Protecting Your Investment

To safeguard Goran’s new teeth from wear and fractures due to grinding, he was instructed to wear a protective occlusal splint at night. This proactive measure ensures the longevity of the implants, allowing Goran to enjoy his new teeth with confidence.

A Life-Altering Decision

When asked about his experience, Goran expressed immense satisfaction and confidence. He recommends full mouth dental implants to those who can afford them, highlighting the positive impact they have on daily life. For Goran, it feels like being alive again—a big change that is worth every penny.

Making Smiles Brighter, One Patient at a Time

At Make You Smile, we find joy in helping our patients transform their lives through dental procedures like full mouth dental implants. The smiles on our patients’ faces inspire us every day. If you found this article valuable and want to learn more, visit Make You Smile for insightful content and expert advice.

Remember, life is better when you can confidently face each day with a bright, healthy smile.