Clinica Dental Hispana Cerca De Mi

Dental Clinic

Are you struggling to afford dental treatment, even with health insurance? Look no further. Join us on a journey with a group of tourists who crossed the border in search of affordable dental care in Mexico.

It’s 5:00 AM, and a van awaits several foreigners in the parking lot of a shopping center in Phoenix, Arizona. Little did they know they were about to embark on an unexpected adventure. All of them are American citizens facing the rising costs of healthcare. Richard, one of the travelers, broke a tooth last week and urgently needs gum surgery.

“I have insurance in the States, but it doesn’t help me at all,” Richard explains. Frustrated, he and the others have chosen to make this journey because it can save them up to 70% compared to what they would pay for treatment in the United States.

Their friends tried to convince them not to seek medical or dental treatment in Mexico, but they remained undeterred. “What are you going to have done today?” Andrea, our reporter, asks. Richard responds with a smile, “I will suffer a lot.”

The group arrives at the border between Los Algodones and Yuma, where they park in the US and walk to the dental clinic. Los Algodones is an unusual city with over 300 dental offices that has thrived due to the high costs of healthcare in the US.

In this bustling city, Richard is the first to receive treatment. Ernesto Montoya, the doctor, has a story that Richard could have never imagined. “I used to be a chef in the United States,” says Dr. Montoya, “but I got deported. I had the necessary papers, but they still deported me.”

As Richard undergoes his crown placement and gum surgery, the patients reflect on their experiences. They’re separated from their families and express how important it is to change the existing problems so they can be reunited.

After the successful procedure, Richard takes a walk to relax. Andrea asks if he has any Latin roots, to which he responds, “No, but I lived in Spain for two years. That’s where I learned not only the language but also grew to love the people.”

Richard is a regular visitor to Mexico and has even invested in learning more about the dental services available there. “I was afraid, of course, because someone would be working on my mouth. And now that I’m going to have gum surgery, I’m really scared. Like, soup scared,” he jokes.

As Richard prepares for his surgery, Dr. Carlos U Rubio, the clinic owner, shares that they started with just a few dentists in 1996 and have now grown to over 500 dentists within four blocks. During peak seasons, they can serve up to 4,000 tourists in a single day.

Many of the dentists and assistants in the clinic have been deported, like Frank. Dr. Rubio sees this as a plus, stating, “They send us educated people who are fluent in the language.”

Richard’s surgery takes time, but the group takes a break to enjoy some local cuisine at a nearby restaurant. With their bags filled with mementos of Mexico, they bid farewell to the city. Richard, who joined us at the border, had a successful experience and can now proudly show off his new smile.

If you’re struggling to afford dental treatment, consider exploring options beyond the borders. Places like Los Algodones offer affordable and quality care, giving you the opportunity to regain your smile without breaking the bank. So, what are you waiting for? Take a leap of faith and discover a world of dental possibilities just a few steps away from home.

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