Carillas Dentales Antes Y Después

Today, we bring you real-life cases featuring before and after dental veneers. Get ready to witness the remarkable transformations of our patients firsthand.

When it comes to making a significant change in our appearance, seeing the final result beforehand is something we all desire. And when it concerns something as crucial as our smile, that curiosity intensifies.

With dental veneers being a popular and relatively simple treatment, it’s not surprising that many people request them. Thanks to technological advancements, we can now digitally design our patients’ smiles, allowing them to visualize the outcome of the treatment and have complete satisfaction guarantees.

But instead of just telling you about the effectiveness of this treatment, we want to show it to you. Let’s dive into some real-life cases of before and after dental veneers, considering both composite and porcelain materials.

All About Dental Veneers

As we have previously discussed in our article on “What Are Dental Veneers,” these thin, custom-made shells made of composite or porcelain are placed on the external surface of the teeth. They are used to change the shape, appearance, or color of the teeth.

Dental veneers are one of the most requested cosmetic dental treatments. They are used to address issues such as tooth stains, enamel wear, chipped teeth, gaps, and minor misalignments.

Let’s now explore real case examples of before and after dental veneers using both composite and porcelain materials.

Before and After Dental Veneers

Discover the “After” Before You Begin

Before placing the veneers, a personalized study and diagnosis are conducted using the latest dental technologies. Once all the information is gathered, we digitally design the smile, allowing the patient to visualize the final result before starting the treatment.

Composite Dental Veneers: Before and After

Composite or resin is a moldable material, similar to what is used in dental fillings. It is applied to the tooth’s surface, shaped, and hardened.

While composite veneers are a more cost-effective option than porcelain, their maintenance requires more care, and durability depends on the individual’s oral hygiene and eating habits.

Case 1: Crown Lengthening and Composite Veneers

In this case, we performed crown lengthening on teeth 13/12/11/21 and placed composite veneers from 14 to 24.

Crown lengthening is employed to address a gummy smile (excessive gum display), small teeth, or teeth with different sizes. The procedure involves reshaping the gum contour and removing a portion of the bone to prevent the gum from regrowing, giving the tooth a more balanced appearance.

After the crown lengthening, composite veneers were placed to provide uniformity and color to the teeth, restoring aesthetic harmony for the patient.

Case 2: Crown Lengthening, Teeth Whitening, and Composite Veneers

For this case, we combined various treatments:

  • Crown lengthening for teeth 15, 14, 13, 12, and 25 (upper jaw)
  • Esthetic teeth whitening from 14 to 24
  • Composite esthetic reconstructions from 43 to 33 (lower jaw)

The patient had a gummy smile, teeth gaps, and room for improvement in tooth color. Crown lengthening restored the balance between the gums and teeth, while teeth whitening significantly brightened the color. Composite veneers improved the alignment of the lower teeth.

The result speaks for itself: a perfect smile.

Case 3: Teeth Whitening and Replacement of Old Veneers

In this case, you can see the front teeth with a dull effect. These veneers had lost their natural appearance over time and needed replacement.

We combined teeth whitening with the replacement of old composite veneers on teeth 11 and 21, bringing back the radiance to the patient’s smile.

Case 4: Teeth Whitening and Composite Veneers

In this instance, we performed teeth whitening and placed composite veneers from tooth 13 to 23.

As you can see from the before and after photos of the whitening process, the patient achieved several shades of improvement. It’s important to note that the whitening results depend on the individual’s original tooth color and their eating and oral hygiene habits. Nonetheless, the treatment always offers an improvement.

At our Make You Smile Dental Clinic, we utilize top-of-the-line technology, ensuring precise diagnostics and enhancing the effectiveness of our treatments.

Porcelain Dental Veneers: Before and After

Porcelain veneers, often referred to as contact lenses due to their thinness, are custom-made according to each patient’s needs.

Although porcelain veneers may come at a higher cost compared to composite, their durability is superior.

Case 1: Crown Lengthening, Orthodontics, and Porcelain Veneers

This case features a crossbite, where two upper right teeth (13 and 12) are positioned behind the lower teeth.

The patient underwent crown lengthening, orthodontic treatment, and the placement of porcelain veneers on teeth 13 to 23.

Case 2: Porcelain Veneers on Both Dental Arches

Thanks to porcelain veneers, the patient bid farewell to yellowish teeth and achieved a beautifully aligned smile.

Initially, the patient received treatment with an occlusal splint to focus on aligning the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

Case 3: Porcelain Veneers

These veneers brought back the smile for this patient, who now showcases a balanced, natural, and perfectly aligned smile.

Before the veneers, the patient underwent TMJ treatment with an occlusal splint.

Case 4: Crown Lengthening, Teeth Whitening, and Porcelain Veneers

This is a remarkable before and after example of dental veneers.

Before the crown lengthening and teeth whitening, the patient underwent TMJ treatment with an occlusal splint. Subsequently, porcelain veneers were placed from tooth 15 to 23.

Caring for Your Dental Veneers

After having dental veneers placed, it’s essential to follow these basic care tips to prolong their lifespan and maintain their color:

  • Follow the recommended daily oral hygiene routines.
  • Limit the consumption of staining foods and beverages such as coffee or wine.
  • Avoid biting into hard or sticky objects or foods.
  • If you participate in sports with a risk of dental injury, protect your mouth if necessary.
  • If you experience bruxism (teeth grinding), use a bite guard to prevent veneer wear.
  • Avoid smoking, as it can affect both your veneers and your oral health.
  • Visit your regular dentist regularly to keep your mouth in excellent condition.


As you’ve seen, dental veneers offer a simple and effective treatment option that allows you to enjoy your best smile. The before and after transformations are truly remarkable.

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