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Amusement Park Horror Stories: Tales from the Ride Operators


Amusement parks are a place of fun and excitement for many people. However, behind the scenes, ride operators often encounter horrifying moments that can leave a lasting impact. From lightning strikes to broken seats, these workers have seen it all. In this article, we will explore some of the scariest and most memorable stories shared by amusement park workers. Be warned, these tales may not be for the faint of heart.

Amusement Park

Riding Against the Rules

One theme park employee recalls a terrifying incident involving a flume ride. Despite clear instructions to sit back and hold onto the handrails, a guest decided to scoot forward and wrap their limbs around the seat in front of them. As the ride reached its final drop, disaster struck. The seat broke, sending the person jerking back and resulting in a broken back. This story serves as a reminder that ignoring ride rules can have devastating consequences.

Flume Ride

The Drunken Father

In another unnerving tale, a ride operator faced the wrath of an intoxicated father. Earlier in the day, the operator had denied the man’s child, who did not meet the height requirement, from riding. However, during the operator’s break, a coworker allowed the child to ride. Later, the angry father, fueled by alcohol, jumped two gates and approached the operator with a knife, resulting in a tense situation. This story highlights the importance of enforcing ride regulations for the safety of all guests.

Angry Father

Code V for Vomit

Working at an amusement park can involve dealing with unpleasant situations. One employee recalls a particularly stormy day when complaints about the weather poured in from customers seeking refuge from the rain. Amidst the chaos, the employee received a call to clean up vomit. A little girl in a highchair had been the unfortunate victim, with the mess scattered across the highchair, table, and floor. However, what made this situation even more shocking was discovering that it was the mother, not the daughter, who had thrown up twice. This incident serves as a reminder that unexpected circumstances can arise in the most unusual ways.

Rainy Day

When Barf Becomes a Home Movie

Sometimes, incidents at amusement parks have a way of becoming unforgettable family memories, for better or worse. During a visit to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, a man placed his video camera in the operator’s booth before getting on a ride. Little did he know that his choice would capture a moment he’d rather forget. Mid-ride, he lost his lunch in an epic display, unknowingly recorded by the operator. As the ride came to a stop, the embarrassed man gathered his belongings and left, only to realize later the horror that awaited him when watching the home movie with his family. This unexpected twist shows that even the most mundane moments can turn into extraordinary tales.

Cedar Point

A Lifeguard’s Heroic Act

Lifeguards play a critical role in ensuring the safety of amusement park guests. One lifeguard supervisor shared a heart-pounding experience when a train on a ride malfunctioned, leaving two rows of guests unreachable. Among them was a lady experiencing a severe panic or asthma attack. The supervisor, thinking on their feet, managed to toss her inhaler to her from the catwalk. With the help of first aid personnel and the guest’s mother, they were able to calm her down until maintenance resolved the issue. This story showcases the dedication and quick thinking required of amusement park staff in emergency situations.

Water Park


Amusement park workers may not always have the thrilling experiences one might expect. Instead, they often face frightening and unforgettable moments that test their resilience and dedication. From broken backs to unexpected bodily fluids, these stories remind us that amusement parks can harbor both joy and horror. So the next time you visit an amusement park, remember to follow the rules and treat the ride operators with kindness and respect – you never know what eerie encounters they’ve witnessed.

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