Nineteen Nuggets of New Knowledge for You, for a Fabulous 2021 and 22

HELLO my fabulous readers. I’ve such a lot of dental “tidbits” that I assumed I might proportion those nuggets of recent data (and a bit evaluate) with you. On occasion you simply want information you’ll use in an instant. Length. Skip the long wordsy stuff and get to the beef of the topic. I did my easiest to do this for you. A couple of entries were given clear of me. Hope you experience my tidbits to wrap up 2021 and head ahead to a wholesome 2022.

Consume one an afternoon , trade your lifestyles!

1. An avocado an afternoon will trade your lifestyles. The nice fat within the avocado upload fiber, fats and nutrients and cut back your sugar cravings. In fact, it can be the most productive well being meals ever! Excellent for bones, brains, hearts, eyes, and guts to call however a only a few advantages. Nutrient wealthy and stuffed with such a lot goodness. Upload one an afternoon on your breakfast and notice what little miracles happen!

My fav!
My Fav- The Kyoui

2. Use an electrical toothbrush each and every 12 hours. Use the most productive toothbrush you’ll have the funds for. Your toothbrush must be as fancy as your telephone, and it’ll last more. Get a brand new brush head each and every 3 months; trade all of the circle of relatives’s brush heads with the seasons.  Energy gear simply paintings higher, truly. And, brush for no less than two mins. In case your tooth don’t “really feel” clear then please brush till they really feel and style clear.

Certainly one of my favourite electrical brushes is the Kyoui ( pronounced “Q-ee”) It’s various however so efficient. I partnered with them as a result of I like their product! Use my code to avoid wasting 10% on any order: BARBARATRITZsave10%

Kyoui now additionally has a very comfortable immediately toothbrush head as smartly. Best for delicate tooth. LOVE their new addition.

And, the KYOUI electrical brush does no longer give off any Electromagnetic Field (EMF) radiation in contrast to some electrical brushes. Such a lot of issues to pay attention to – I had no longer paid any consideration to this however understand now you will need to our smartly being and lowering publicity to EMF’s is yet another piece of the well being puzzle.

Water Irrigation
Irrigation will get the place your brush can’t

3. Use a water flosser two times day-to-day. The actual house of gum illness micro organism is down beneath the gumline- the place the insects are living. It’s wet, darkish, acidic, and devoid of oxygen. Perfection in case you are a trojan horse. Micro organism, fungus, and viruses thrive on this surroundings. Introducing medicated water into this biofilm raises the pH, adjustments the bacterial composition of the biofilm, and decreases the anaerobic ranges. Easy, and really efficient strategy to cut back gingivitis. Getting the place the unhealthy micro organism are living and converting the microbiome is a recreation changer. Relying on what insects are living there dictates what medicament I like to recommend sufferers upload to their water flossers.

Wholesome Gums NEVER bleed

4. Wholesome gums DO NOT bleed. Tooth must no longer disintegrate. See an integrative medication doctor for blood paintings if in case you have enamel decay or bleeding gums (which might point out gum illness) – take a look at intestine well being, nutrition and mineral ranges. DIG DEEP. Enamel decay and gum illness are indicators of intestine well being problems, absorption problems, and autoimmune problems. Is your frame getting sufficient fats soluble nutrients, is it soaking up those nutrients and vitamins? To find the “why” so you’ll deal with the “how” easiest to regard. Simply getting rid of the tartar or decay won’t forestall the an infection from reoccurring. You’ll’t repair the issue through best addressing the indications. To find the reason. That can information your remedy protocols. Skip the pick out/poke/polish/repeat remedy and remedy the an infection as soon as and for all.

salivary testing
Top chance Take a look at effects

5. Salivary diagnostics – know the enemy – to find out why you have got bleeding gums and enamel decay. Right here’s the important thing to periodontal illness: we at all times have micro organism, viruses, and fungi in our mouths. 90-nine % of the microbiome are just right or impartial insects. The 1% which are “unhealthy “are stored in take a look at through the great guys. Our mouths won’t ever be sterile nor must they.

Grasp with me right here: A “one thing” that we ingest inflames the intestine lining, which reasons havoc with our immune gadget, which then lets in the unhealthy insects to takeover. Periodontal (gum) illness is set a mutiny of the insects as a result of our immune gadget has allowed them to overgrow for the reason that immune gadget is most commonly pushed through the intestine.

I need salivary diagnostics as a result of I wish to see how loopy the take-over is, and feature a baseline for the place we wish to get started. Salivary diagnostics then provides us a highway map of the way we wish to deal with the mouth assist get it wholesome.

Enamel decay reason is a bit different- however simply as vital to understand the enemy. Once more, to find the “why” earlier than simply leaping in and flailing round, hoping you solved the issue when all you truly did is make a large hollow and patch it. I wish to know what’s happening with the immune gadget that has allowed this breakdown of the tooth, gums, and bones. Wholesome, sturdy tooth require a diamond bur to chop into them. Tooth with decay nearly appears like fruit leather-based. When the tooth and bones are melting then one thing’s means off throughout the frame. Which brings us again to #4. See that useful medication, integrative medication or number one care physician to assist be a part of your therapeutic group. Dentistry can’t paintings in a vacuum. We wish to embody the frame as a complete and glance deeper for the foundation reasons of illness. Take a look at, educate, deal with, repeat: a greater philosophy,

feeding the good microbes
Prebiotics and Probiotics: feeding the great insects

6. There may be just right plaque. Wholesome plaque remineralizes the enamel floor, stops decay, and enamel sensitivity, and assists in keeping the enamel wholesome. Excellent plaque biofilm is completed when we’ve got the mouth at a impartial pH, and feed the great micro organism with meals that has prebiotics and probiotics. Prebiotics are non-human-digestible meals that feed the friendlies, rising the great guys. (I had by no means even heard of Prebiotics till lately!) Probiotics are precise just right micro organism that repopulate the oral hollow space. Having a look on the microbiome as our good friend, which it’s, we will as a substitute take care of it and nurture it to develop a just right lawn of insects that may take care of our tooth and gums, andultinately give protection to us.

Vitamin performs a important position in our oral wellness. There’s that avocado once more, at the side of apples: nice fiber and so wholesome for you. Skip the processed boxed stuff. Consume meals that appears like nature meant. Suppose one-ingredient meals. We will have to pay attention to what meals is going into the mouth and intestine. Put our cash the place our mouth is.

Each time we consume or drink we’re both feeding illness or preventing it.

Heather Morgan MS

Tongeu cleaner
Tongue Cleaner- Use two times day-to-day for brisker breath!

6. Blank your tongue two times day-to-day. Use a steel tongue cleaner, and incorporate tongue well being into your regimen. The tongue is sort of a shag carpet and traps the whole thing, just right and unhealthy. Plaque micro organism builds up and covers your style buds. That biofilm creates a smelly, pungent tongue and no quantity of mouthwash will duvet that up. The ones micro organism settle into that shag carpet and thrive in that oxygenless surroundings, they usually get pungent as they decompose. And, then the insects can re-infect your mouth and hitch a experience to your blood move to different frame portions and infect them as smartly. This is known as a bacteremia.

Bonus: A clear tongue is helping meals and wine style such a lot higher! Make your style buds pop in taste. Thank me later… 😉

The Mighty Tongue

7. Correct tongue relaxation posture issues. The tongue will have to relaxation at the palate. Lips in combination, tooth aside. That is “right kind tongue relaxation posture”. Your frame, your muscle tissues and your joints want this place. 24/7/365! Even when you find yourself exercising, and particularly when you find yourself sound asleep. The Mighty Tongue article I wrote explains it in a lot more intensity.

Certainly one of our present issues: face mask. Everyone seems to be mouth respiring underneath the masks. I spoke with a scientific technician and he or she instructed me her jaw hurts through the top of her paintings day. She used to be mouth respiring beneath the masks and straining her jaw joint muscle tissues, inflicting her TMJ ache.

Lips in combination, tooth aside and tongue suctioned as much as the roof of the mouth. You’ll do that. If no longer, search an orofacial myofunctional therapist and get assessed. To find that “why” and deal with it. Correct tongue relaxation posture is helping in rising a pleasant, large, smiley set of wholesome, immediately tooth and who doesn’t need that?

Xlear nasal spray
Two times day-to-day nasal cleansing

8. Blank your nostril day-to-day – nasal hygiene is as vital as oral hygiene. Your nostril warms, filters, and purifies the air you breathe. Mouth respiring does none of that.  Mouth respiring lets in the entire toxins within the air to penetrate proper on your lungs and make you ill. Blank your nostril, after which use your nostril for respiring. Which leads us proper to:

9. Nasal Respiring Breathe thru your nostril the entire time- you’re going to be fitter, have much less colds and feature a greater degree of oxygen to your frame. Once more: nasal respiring warms the air, filters the air and purifies the air coming into your lungs. Your sinuses make one thing referred to as nitric oxide which is how we kill the unhealthy stuff entering our noses. We NEED nitric oxide (NO) to be wholesome. A lot more on NO underneath at #15.

As I inform my kids sufferers: the nostril is made for respiring and the mouth is made for consuming. Don’t confuse the 2. They snigger however they perceive. Why is that this no longer not unusual observe!?!

Use your nostril. If you can not breathe thru your nostril deal with the underlying problems within the sinuses. Obstruction? Allergic reactions? Irritation? See an allergist or ENT and a respiring specialist and to find solutions. Learn the e book Breath through James Nestor. (Trace: nice Christmas provide for your self or any person you like.)

White spots from an excessive amount of fluoride: this is known as fluorosis

11  Fluoride does no longer paintings like we’ve got been result in imagine. My weblog submit is going into a lot more element. Fluoride within the water does no longer make the enamel construction more potent from the interior. That is fallacy and the dental affiliation and the dental hygiene affiliation unfold this fantasy. I want fluoride labored as they declare, however we’ve got a lot of fluoride far and wide but decay is at epidemic ranges. They’re purchased through the producing firms that promote fluoride merchandise.  Enamel decay isn’t because of a loss of fluoride, it’s because of leaky intestine and sugar.  See #19 all about how sugar impacts tooth, and it’s not what you had been taught.

Dental Insurance

12. Dental insurance coverage does no longer care about your oral well being and wellness.  They’re in trade to earn money. I am getting that. In case you best depend on what your dental insurance coverage “covers,” you’re going to by no means get and keep wholesome.  Make investments to your mouth well being. Simply because insurance coverage does no longer pay for it does no longer imply it’s not essential. They didn’t move to dental hygiene or dental faculty. Make a decision whom you set your believe in and apply their recommendation. Pay for it now or pay extra later. To find solutions and attach the issue.

Your dental hygienist is your easiest dental good friend

13. The easiest time to get your tooth “wiped clean” is whilst they’re wholesome. Keep wholesome between appointments. That’s the purpose. Six month recare appointments took place as a result of a Pepsident toothpaste promoting jingle from Madison Street, no longer from cast analysis pronouncing that used to be what it takes to stay your mouth wholesome. Whom do you imagine? Your TV or your dental skilled? I see lots of my sufferers on a 3 or 4 mouth recare. They’ve to earn that six month advice from me. Some people even move longer BECAUSE they’re wholesome!

Floss cuts injury the papilla

14. Floss isn’t for everybody. Sure, you probably did learn that proper. And, if finished incorrectly might in reality do extra injury to the gums through inflicting floss cuts into the papilla (the sharp tissue between the tooth). As I inform my patienst: flossing is methodology delicate. If you’re a devoted  flosser, ask your fabulous dental hygienist to check flossing and display you how one can correctly curl that floss beneath the gumline and hug the enamel. Flossing is truly about plaque biofilm elimination, no longer meals elimination. Studying how one can safely floss your tooth is significant.

Index Palms for the decrease Tooth

I peruse the dental provide sections of shops, the web and dental conventions for the latest, newest, biggest and best possible to make use of gear and merchandise. I buy them and check them out on myself first. If I will be able to use them simply and successfully then I will be able to safely counsel them to sufferers. It’s gotta go my muster first.

For people that hate flossing (you don’t seem to be by myself, and I am getting it… This is a very tough talent to do correctly) Glance right here to search out higher gear to clean-in between the tooth like piksters, softpicks, and the waterflosser. Ask your extremely devoted DH for pointers and recommendations.

15. Mouthwash isn’t your good friend– In point of fact, throw out your mouthwash. If it says “antibacterial” that implies it kills all the micro organism, just right and unhealthy. You want the great micro organism. Common use of antibacterial mouthwash raises your blood force. NOT just right!

We wish to develop and nourish your wholesome just right micro organism. Magic occurs at the again of your tongue when those just right insects mix with nitrates out of your saliva (from meals you consume like leafy vegetables and beets). Via an advanced chemical response we make nitric oxide in our frame. Dry mouth victims, mouth breathers, and the ones with periodontal illness are at a critical drawback as a result of they don’t seem to be growing sufficient saliva and/or don’t have sufficient just right wholesome micro organism to make NO. So, even taking nitric oxide dietary supplements gained’t paintings for the reason that development blocks (the great insects) don’t seem to be in position. Micro organism are our buddies!

Nitric oxide is so crucial for such a lot of causes. It’s our fountain of youngster! With out it we can’t heal. This is a vasodilator, telling the blood vessels to calm down and open up, permitting vitamins and oxygen to get to all our cells. It decreases hypertension. It boosts athletic efficiency and improves sleep high quality. It complements immunity, decreases irritation and affects reminiscence and behaviour. Nitric oxide wishes a complete weblog submit devoted to its affect on periodontal illness and irritation so please keep tuned for that within the new 12 months.

Suboptimal Nitric Oxide  Levels
Take a look at for NO and be wholesome

Certainly one of my in-office checks is a saliva check strip that measures nitric oxide manufacturing to your mouth. You can’t heal your gum illness with out the correct degree of NO. Plus, this check strip additionally tells meif you have got the correct degree of fine insects to your mouth making NO! Two bits of data in a single fast simple check. Each affected person with gum illness will get this check each and every time I see them. I wish to be certain that they’re consuming correctly to nourish their frame. We will have to have the development blocks to permit therapeutic to happen.

Dangerous Breath

16. Dangerous Breath and Mouthwash: You don’t want mouthwash. Have I mentioned that lately? It dries your mouth, and it does no longer forestall unhealthy breath. It simply provides you with minty unhealthy breath.

If you are feeling you wish to have it, then as a substitute, to find the foundation of the issue and deal with that.  If in case you have unhealthy breathe, we wish to glance deeper into the microbiome and check.

Dangerous breath has many reasons; microbial dysbiosis, plaque increase at the again of the tongue (see above #6), mouth respiring, acid reflux disorder, submit nasal drip, enamel decay, gum illness. after which systemic problems can all be a part of the issue. This checklist is best the top of the iceberg. So, throw out that mouthwash and open up to your glorious DH that can assist you sleuth out the foundation reason for the issue. I’ve a bit chairside unhealthy breath detector I take advantage of. Simple and speedy. Not at all as nice as a real halimeter however just right sufficient for a fast check.

paper  tape
Tape to Sleep Higher!

17. Paper tape is your friend- use it each and every night time for deep sleep and higher well being. Taping your lips in combination each and every night time guarantees you get a greater, deeper, extra oxygenated sleep.

Sleep is once we heal the mind. Sleep lets in us to scrub the pathogens out of the mind throughout the lymph gadget. It takes the “rubbish” out each and every night time. We’d like 7-8 hours of sleep. Deep sleep is the most productive instrument for preventing dementia. Other people snigger once I recommend taping their lips in combination, however those who do it record again they sleep such a lot higher.

Do be sure you transparent and clear your nostril first (see #8 above) and observe first earlier than mattress to make certain you’ll use your nostril. The primary time I taped, I were given a bit claustrophobic however then temporarily calmed down and located I may just certainly breath simply advantageous thru my nostril. If you can not breathe thru your nostril please see an ear, nostril and throat physician or an allergist. To find out why and attach it. Nasal respiring is significant to systemic well being.

18. Discover a organic dental hygienist and, for that topic, a organic dental group that understands the significance of having to the why’s earlier than they do the how’s or you’re going to by no means get wholesome.  Simply sharpening, scraping and digging into the gums getting rid of tartar and plaque gained’t resolve the issue. The an infection returns. That’s why “they are saying” gum illness is incurable. They by no means get to the roots of the issue, the reasons, the “whys”.  To find the whys earlier than doing the remedy.

IAOMT  Biological dental care

Take a look at the IAOMT or the IABDM web pages to search out higher dental care in a organic dental well being workplace the place they are going to glance deeper, and be extra preventive-minded.  Simply know, they almost certainly gained’t settle for project of insurance coverage. They don’t permit the insurance coverage corporate to dictate how they are going to permit you to heal.

Muffin and soda
Sugar, Sugar All over the place

19.  Sugar stops the dentinal tubule go with the flow and lets in the unhealthy micro organism to go with the flow down the enamel tubules. That’s the get started of degradation. Sugar does its grimy paintings from within the frame, it stops the enamel from therapeutic itself. 

Please pay attention to my presentation: Beat Decay the Organic Manner. Enamel decay is set what is occurring throughout the frame. A hollow within the enamel is the results of one thing a lot, a lot larger happening. A dab of fluoride isn’t the solution.

And since I can’t provide you with sufficient data in simply 19 nuggets, I provide you with 3 extra:

Gingivitis and Decay
Pink/red, swollen, inflamed, shiny, clean and rolling gum tissue

20. Periodontal micro organism are contagious if the host is prone.  We proportion micro organism once we kiss, change saliva, consume off the similar spoon or proportion a drink. If our immune gadget is robust, we will struggle those new interloper insects. If our immune gadget is compromised, then the insects take over.

21. Vitamin and intestine well being play a important position in oral well being. Dentistry by myself can’t heal your mouth. Dental illness is the canary within the coal mine, it’s an indication one thing else, someplace within the frame is beginning to wreck down. Continual illness is beginning.  The immune gadget is permitting the unhealthy insects to take over, and the mouth insects reseed the intestine microbiome. Seeing an integrative doctor, a nutritionist and/or registered dietitian, and having blood paintings along with the most productive dental care in a biologically-minded dental workplace is the one strategy to forestall the breakdown and get started the therapeutic. Sure, I did already point out this however it’s so vital, idea it used to be value re-mentioning.

You gained’t listen this out of your conventional dental workplace. Dentistry can not paintings in a silo. We will have to reconnect the mouth again directly to the frame and take a look at the frame as a complete. You get enamel decay as a result of one thing is off throughout the frame, no longer since you didn’t brush two times an afternoon and use fluoride. You didn’t lose jaw bone fortify since you don’t floss. As I discussed in different posts- prehistoric guy didn’t floss, brush, or use fluoride, but his dental problems didn’t escalate like trendy guy’s has finished. Let’s do well being care, no longer disease-care. To find the foundation reason and deal with that for true oral well being and systemic wellness.

Spirochetes Attacking a Pink Blood Cellular – Periodontal Illness

A dental hygienist and not using a microscope is sort of a physician and not using a stethoscope. Dr. Paul Keyes

And one remaining idea for a good higher 2023 and past:

Be Sensible,
Drink Water

#22. Drink water! One thing so easy however so important for well being. Your mind will depend on water for psychological readability. Whilst you sleep you expel moisture, so after six to 8 hours, you might be dehydrated. Very first thing within the morning, achieve for that cup of fresh water and replenish! Dehydration is a killer. Ingesting water too can cut back emotions of despair, complications, mind fog and nervousness. Our mind is 74.8 % water, so it is smart that if we don’t seem to be consuming sufficient water, this may increasingly affect our mind serve as tremendously.  Tooth want water as smartly! Throughout the enamel is a lymph gadget within the dentinal tubules. That is how your enamel will get nourishment and heals itself. So, drink water, a number of water! If you’re thirsty, you might be already dehydrated. Right here’s to water in your well being. Easy, but so essential. Cheers!


Making an investment to your oral well being is an funding in you.

The mouth’s well being is the window on your soul and frame well being. End the 12 months sturdy and get started the brand new 12 months at the proper foot. Twenty-three new nuggets of dental data must assist get you going!

Make investments to your well being. It’s the maximum helpful factor you personal. “Well being care” is far better than “illness care”. Decide to a therapeutic plan for the brand new 12 months. Please consume, sleep, transfer, drink water, see your dental hygienist and be wholesome!

The entire easiest for the vacation season and to a good higher New YOU! Might 2022 deliver you all just right issues.