Leaving the Land of Fluoride

From the very get started of dental hygiene faculty, I discovered how “excellent fluoride was once for enamel”, how “vital a device it was once to make use of to assist our sufferers have sturdy wholesome enamel” and that’s was once the solution to all dental issues. Decay? Upload extra fluoride. New decay? More potent prescription-strength fluoride. And, the unstated: need to spice up manufacturing? Do fluoride remedies on all people (although they didn’t have cavities as a result of insurance coverage will pay for it). Is fluoride the tremendous hero of dental well being? With fluoride everywhere- our water machine, our toothpaste, meals processed in water-fluoridated spaces, tea, plus prescription-strength merchandise, I questioned, why is enamel decay nonetheless at epidemic ranges? If fluoride is meant to be the savior of enamel and cause them to invincible to enamel decay, we now have a large downside: it isn’t operating.

Lately’s put up has been a very long time coming. Fluoride is sacred throughout the dental business. Respected, worshiped, and placed on a pedestal because the be-all-end-all. Lately we knock that pedestal to the bottom, painful as that could be, particularly to my fellow dental peeps that learn this. Have an open thoughts as we depart the “land of fluoride…”

Historical past First

Dental hygienists all find out about a Colorado basic dentist Dr. Frederick McKay and researcher Dr. Inexperienced Vardiman Black (higher referred to as GV Black). Dr. McKay and Dr. Black studied “Colorado brown stain” and the way the ones mottled enamel have been a lot more proof against enamel decay. (We now name this brown stain “dental fluorosis” – extra on that in a while.) Dr. McKay had additionally famous that the ones with this brown stain had no enamel decay. A large number of cities throughout the state had this staining situation. Dr. McKay, in conjunction with any other guy, Dr. Grover Kempf, printed a file at the brown stains. Within the the town of Bauxite, Arkansas, which was once owned via Aluminum Corporate of The usa (ALCOA), they suspected it was once led to via one thing within the water. A the town 5 miles away had no brown staining.

The manager chemist at ALCOA learn the file and commissioned a better find out about of the water, and thru photospectrographic evaluation came upon prime ranges of fluoride within the water from Bauxite. Dr. McKay went again and rechecked all of the water provides, and showed the opposite communities he had discovered had prime ranges of fluoride as smartly. From there, extra researchers began taking a look into fluoride. Dr. H. Trendley Dean and his body of workers discovered that via holding fluoride ranges a 1 phase in line with million (1ppm), enamel didn’t showcase indicators of dental fluorosis in most of the people and best gentle fluorosis in a small share.

Dr. Dean questioned if including fluoride to the water at this stage of 1ppm would lead to a inhabitants of folks with enamel that have been extra proof against enamel decay. In 1945, Grand Rapids Michigan was once the town to check out this speculation. After 11 years and checking out 30,000 faculty kids the consequences concluded that sure, fluoride added to the water machine successfully diminished enamel decay via 60%. Systemic water fluoridation temporarily took off and via the twenty first century has been added to roughly 70% of our municipal water programs.

Across the 12 months 2015 the extent of the fluoride within the water machine was once diminished to 0.7ppm as really useful via the Division of Well being and Human Products and services.

A Very Little Little bit of Chemistry and Biology

Fluorine is a component of the halogen circle of relatives and is located at the righthand aspect of the periodic desk. This can be a extremely poisonous gasoline that paperwork compounds with virtually each and every component. It’s utilized in dentistry within the type of the compounds: sodium fluoride, stannous fluoride, sodium monofluorophosphate, or acidulated phosphate fluoride.

Fluoride used within the water machine is a hazardous waste byproduct of the fertilizer firms – Hexafluorosilicic Acid. ( I, too, was once astounded to be told that tidbit…)

Fluorine is no longer an very important nutrient our our bodies want. It’s naturally present in water programs, particularly flooring water and wells, however could also be at poisonous ranges. Simply because it’s present in nature does no longer make it wholesome. Fluoride is the damaging ion of the component fluorine. As soon as fluoride is within the frame it circulates all the way through and enters each and every tissue. Most effective 50% of ingested fluoride is excreted day by day during the kidneys. The remaining accumulates within the bones, enamel, pineal gland and different calcifying tissues. Other people with deficient kidney serve as excrete much less fluoride, and older people with deficient kidney serve as are affected maximum.

Along with water assets, we will be able to additionally in finding fluoride in tea, kombucha, Teflon and aluminum cookware, and in vegatables and fruits sprayed with the insecticides Cryolite and Sulfuryl Fluoride. It’s even in lots of medicines. Throw in all of the meals processed with fluoride water and also you get uncovered to numerous fluoride. The Environmental Coverage Company ( EPA) units the higher restrict day by day dose of fluoride – known as the utmost containment stage (MCL) at 4.0 mg/L. On most sensible of that upload the topical fluoride from toothpaste, mouth rinses and prescription programs.

You don’t have any scarcity of fluoride on your existence.

The Just right, the Unhealthy, and the Very Unsightly of Fluoride

The Just right:

Sure, there may be one excellent factor fluoride does. Analysis presentations that: “The compound seems to thrust back cavities via inhibiting bacterial adhesion.” Swishing with an answer of fluoride has been proven to cut back the bacterial stage within the mouth. By means of lowering the collection of micro organism at the enamel, we will be able to stay the enamel cleaner. That could be a giant win for enamel decay aid.

The Unhealthy:

Topical Fluoride:

We have been instructed time and again that topical fluoride (the fluoride in toothpaste, and the gel or foam dental staff smear in your enamel) went into the enamel and made it tougher. That it exchanged some molecules throughout the enamel and created a fluorapatite crystal which made the enamel extra proof against the acids from enamel decay. That is why we dental folks bow to the sector of fluoride- it will have to give protection to the enamel from that terrible enamel decay micro organism.

I had all the time concept this affected all of the enamel construction. I’d be improper in my pondering… Analysis presentations it best is going to a intensity of six nanometers into the enamel floor. Let me repeat that- six nanometers deep into the enamel floor. That’s all. Hmm, all that fluoride for an overly, very skinny shell of SIX nanometers. This analysis is going towards the whole lot we have been instructed to imagine.

[Editor’s note: I had no idea how small a nanometer is, so for those of you who also may need some scale: according to this lesson and this site, a bacterium (like, say, S. mutans) is about 1000 nanometers. Human DNA molecules are about 2.5 nanometers wide. Tooth enamel is about 2 to 2.5 millimeters thick, or the size of a thin ring. Which converts to 2,500,000 nanometers.]

What else are we no longer instructed? Hang on for your hats as I proportion.

Systemic Fluoride:

Systemic water fluoridation creates such a lot of well being issues. Mass medicaton for most people will have to now not be taking place. If the general public knew part of what the fluoride within the water does to the frame, they’d be in uproar.

And the Unsightly:

So people, the unhealthy and the very unpleasant truths about water fluoridation.

First: Do you want your smile to seem like this? That is the results of fluoride within the water. This is known as “fluorosis.” The American Dental Affiliation claims it’s only a “beauty downside” and “it received’t impact the well being of your enamel.” How about this remark from the ADA web page: “would possibly make the enamel extra proof against decay.”

Dental Fluorosis

Fluorosis (or as Dr. GV Black first known as it, mottled teeth) is from ingesting water with fluoride. We hardly ever see this stage of brown staining anymore in america for the reason that quantity of fluoride within the water has been adjusted to stop this stage of staining. (However, now that I’m a lot more mindful, I see fluorosis day by day in my sufferers enamel. It’s only no longer on the stage you notice right here in those footage.) The Colorado Brown stain that Black and McKay noticed was once the results of a lot upper ranges of ingested fluoride than is recently counsel as of late. However, right here’s the rub: in keeping with Dr. Mark Burhenne of Ask the Dentist: In average to serious fluorosis, the hollow space and rot price is very much higher. Additionally, he states that ANY quantity of fluoride may cause fluorosis.

What early analysis from 1940 via Dr. M.C. Smith and Dr. H.V. Smith confirmed was once that mottled enamel have been: structurally susceptible, and when decay does set in, the end result would possibly steadily be disastrous ensuing within the enamel cracking, incapacity to fix the enamel and in the long run leading to extraction.

At the moment we steadily see white spots throughout the teeth. A dental analysis is had to diagnose if those white spots are fluorosis, indicators of early decay, or perhaps different developmental issues within the enamel construction. Those white spots is usually a signal of fluoride toxicity. In line with the Encyclopedia of Toxicology, 3rd version, on pages 606 to 610: dental fluorosis and thyroid harm are thought to be to be the primary manifestations of power toxicity.

The American Dental Affiliation brushes this off as a beauty factor however if truth be told, this is a a lot larger downside. Fluorosis is an outward signal of a larger downside within the frame.

Fluorosis is damaged down via grades:

Very gentle: “Slightly visual lacey” white markings to opaque white patches or streaks affecting 25% of enamel construction.

Delicate: opaque white spots or streaks that would impact as much as 50% of the enamel construction.

Average: as much as 100% of the enamel construction with some pitting of the enamel

Critical: 100% of enamel construction with pitting and brittleness. 3 to 4 % of youngsters have average to serious fluorosis.

The white patches would possibly discolor with age, turning to yellow, orange, and/or brown. Fluorosis impacts upwards of 32% of college kids in america and has higher in percentages from earlier surveys. In line with the CDC, black kids are extra liable to fluorosis. Additionally, the ones subpopulations with power undernutrition are maximum liable to fluorosis.

Irrespective of the extent of fluorosis, it is a sign of systemic fluoride poisoning. Whether it is affecting the integrity of the enamel construction, this can be a signal the frame has an excessive amount of fluoride.

Right here’s the VERY Unsightly A part of Water Fluoridation:

Fluoride poisoning impacts many alternative portions of the frame.

The issue is that we, within the U.S., and in other places on this planet, have many assets of fluoride along with water fluoridation, and that we can’t keep an eye on the amount of water some folks drink. As well as, a lot of spaces all the way through the sector have already got naturally prime ranges of Fluorine of their water programs.

Pores and skin rashes: “In hypersensitive folks, fluorides once in a while reason pores and skin eruptions corresponding to atopic dermatitis, eczema, or urticaria. Gastric misery, headache, and weak point have additionally been reported. Those allergy reactions generally disappear promptly after discontinuation of the fluoride.” – PHYSICIAN’S DESK REFERENCE

I’ve in my opinion noticed sufferers have pimples round their lips, chin, and mouth. This has an actual title known as Perioral dermatitis. Apparently in a fan-like house across the mouth right down to the chin and is resistant to standard pimples remedies. Having watched people brush (like on TV, or animated child’s presentations!) with an excessive amount of toothpaste and over the top foam whilst brushing, it’s little marvel there’s a response in the ones which can be hypersensitive to the components in toothpaste and particularly fluoride.

Gastrointestinal signs: Swallowing fluoride transforms it within the intestine to hydrofluoric acid. Hydrofluoric acid damages the intestine epithelial lining, making a lack of the microvilli. Thirst, vomiting, stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, and epigastric ache are the end result.

Urinary issues: Fluoridation has been connected to urinary stone illness. Any person have kidney stones or bladder stones? Stones are the results of dehydration ensuing within the crystallization of minerals corresponding to magnesium, calcium, cystine, and uric acid in addition to fluoride ions. This analysis find out about discovered that 80% of the stones contained fluoride ions. This fluoride consumption may also be from both water or consuming toothpaste merchandise.

Skeletal Fluorosis: In a e book printed on behalf of the International Well being Group, dental and skeletal fluorosis are the results of increased ranges of fluoride within the water. Skeletal fluorosis is outlined as skeletal adjustments because of long-term ingestion of over the top fluoride and would possibly come with hyperostosis and osteoporosis. The earliest signs of skeletal fluorosis are similar to arthritis. Contemporary findings published that intake of fluoride at concentrations of one.5 ppm is majorly liable for skeletal fluorosis. Imprecise pains may also be positioned within the backbone.

There is not any recognized remedy for skeletal fluorosis.

Neurotoxin: A neurotoxin is one thing toxic to the mind, spinal wire, or worried machine. It’s maximum damaging earlier than start or in early early life. The clinical magazine Lancet printed analysis that categorized fluoride as a developmental neurotoxin in conjunction with lead, mercury, arsenic PCB’s, and toluene. Commercial chemical compounds impact those small creating brains, even at very low ranges. Meta-analysis of 27 research, principally out of China, confirmed a lower in IQ via seven issues in spaces with prime concentrations of fluoride within the water. Even the Harvard Faculty of Public Well being took understand of those research.

Developmental neurotoxins are connected to will increase in consideration deficit hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD), dyslexia, lack of IQ issues, disruptive conduct, and different cognitive impairments. Additional analysis into fluoride and IQ aid have persevered to substantiate this hyperlink. If those research don’t seem to be sufficient to persuade you there’s a connection between fluoride and cognitive building decline then here’s a hyperlink to 68 different research that do exactly that.

Autism: You don’t typically see the phrase autism attached to fluoride, however it is going to smartly be the lacking hyperlink in our quest to find why autism is on the upward thrust. One in 40 kids born in the US is now identified at the autism spectrum. Right here’s a analysis find out about taking a look on the connection between fluoride ingestion and the upward thrust in Autism Spectral Issues (ASD). In line with the find out about printed in 2019:

The upward thrust within the ASD incidence in nations with water fluoridation in addition to in endemic fluorosis spaces helps a view that F is the most important environmental issue within the ASD etiopathogenesis.

Fluoride is a neurotoxin or even at low ranges can input the mind and impact building.

A scientific assessment of the literature printed in 2016 america Division of Well being and Human Products and services Nationwide Toxicology Program reviewed the information and concluded that at concentrations upper than 0.7 portions in line with million, there’s a low to average stage of proof to indicate fluoride has an impact on studying and reminiscence. Since there’s no approach to keep an eye on how a lot water folks drink, there are the ones that can get greater than the really useful 0.7 ppm.

Bleeding Gums: Wouldn’t it’s ironic if via seeking to heal one oral illness we make any other worse? Fluoride would possibly smartly boost up gum illness and gum tissue cellular loss of life. Analysis from Dr. Steven Offenbacher:

Offenbacher et al. [J. Periodontal Research 27, 207-213 (1992)] have introduced information that
fortify the idea that that the rise in PGE.sub.2 and thromboxane which happens throughout
illness development isn’t a results of an epiphenomenal affiliation with tissue destruction, however
relatively represents a cellular mediated procedure which at once elicits tissue harm. Thus, the
inclusion of fluoride in toothpastes and mouthwashes for the aim of inhibiting the
building of caries would possibly, on the similar time, boost up the method of power,
damaging periodontitis

Sodium fluoride (NaF) has been proven to be cytotoxic and produces inflammatory responses in people. Gingivitis and periodontitis account for greater than 95% of all inflammatory sicknesses of the tissues surrounding the enamel. Lee’s effects counsel that NaF induces apoptosis (programmed cellular loss of life) in human gingival fibroblasts (HGF) via each the mitochondria-mediated pathways regulated via the Bcl-2 circle of relatives and loss of life receptor-mediated pathway and would possibly play a job within the building of periodontal illness.”

Long ago in 1936, Dr. H. Trendley Dean additionally attached upper ranges of fluoride to periodontal illness. Dr. Dean was once one among early researchers into the makes use of of fluoride in decay prevention.

Hypothyroidism: Fluoride blocks the uptake and absorption of iodine. Fluoride takes where of iodine within the thyroid, breast, ovaries, and prostate. It tips the frame into pondering it has sufficient iodine. Iodine is the most important to wholesome hormone manufacturing. Iodine deficiency contributes to lowered thyroid hormone manufacturing. Your thyroid NEEDS iodine to synthesize thyroid hormones. Mind fog, reminiscence loss, loss of center of attention, melancholy, anxiousness, and different cognitive and psychological well being problems is usually a results of a loss of iodine.

Fluoride and Mind Well being:

Calcification of the Pineal Gland: I by no means in reality paid any consideration to the pineal gland till I began studying about melatonin manufacturing and the way vital melatonin was once to sleep, a wholesome mind, and dementia prevention. Melatonin is produced within the pineal gland. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland, simply because it makes the ones urinary stones discussed above. Fluoride is drawn to the calcium within the pineal gland. Analysis additionally presentations it restricts gland expansion. Right here’s a picture from a affected person and you’ll be able to see within the higher proper nook the calcification. Along with calcifying the pineal gland, fluoride additionally reduces the manufacturing and secretion of melatonin. Dementia is on the upward thrust and its connection to deficient sleep will have to be a pink flag to appear deeper at what fluoride does to this vitally vital gland.


Which leads us to additional information connecting fluoride intake and cognitive decline; Fluoride crosses the blood-brain barrier. Analysis signifies that fluoride damages the mind and adjustments conduct. Fluoride will increase the manufacturing of loose radicals within the mind.

There’s a risk that fluoride acts to extend the danger of creating Alzheimer’s illness.

Analysis confirmed that fluoride reasons a discount in density of mitochondria and aid in imply quantity of neurons (mind cells).

Upper ranges of aluminum and fluoride have been associated with dementia chance in a inhabitants of women and men who ate up rather low drinking-water ranges of each. Fluorine will increase aluminum absorption within the mind.

Fluoride complements lead uptake in to kids’s blood and lead may cause mind harm.

Fluoride is an enzyme poisoner.

Hip Fractures: In a just lately launched find out about (April 2021) fluoride was once discovered to extend bone mineral density but additionally building up skeletal fragility. Fluoride failed to cut back vertebral fracture charges. The higher chance was once instructed to be attributed to diminished elasticity and power of the newly shaped bone. Fifty % of fluoride ingested on a daily basis accumulates within the bones.

Hip fractures higher amongst the ones with the best possible urine fluoride excretions and best possible estimated fluoride consumption from meals and drinks relative to ladies with the bottom ranges of every publicity, they file. Each urinary and nutritional fluoride have been related to hip fractures.

Our findings which might be in keeping with the results of prime fluoride exposures seen in [other studies] …counsel that long-term intake of faucet water with a fluoride focus of one mg/L…would possibly adversely impact bone well being in postmenopausal ladies.”

The ones with deficient kidney serve as excrete even much less and building up extra Fluoride of their bones. The severity of bone fractures is correlated intently with the severity of fluorosis in each kids and adults.

Fluoride and Teeth Decay:

After studying this text you will have to now be scratching your head as you learn this remark from the Heart for Illness Regulate and Prevention dated 2001:

The laboratory and epidemiologic analysis that has resulted in the easier figuring out
of ways fluoride prevents dental caries signifies that fluoride’s major impact is
posteruptive and topical and that the impact depends upon fluoride being in the correct amount
in the proper position on the proper time. Fluoride works essentially after enamel have erupted,
particularly when small quantities are maintained continuously within the mouth, particularly in
dental plaque and saliva (37). Thus, adults additionally get pleasure from fluoride, relatively than best
kids, as was once prior to now assumed

If we now have recognized since 2001 that water fluoridation was once NOT efficient systemically why is there any query that water fluoridation remains to be “a factor”? The CDC itself says fluoride within the water in fact works in the similar way because the fluoride remedies you obtain from the dental hygienist: TOPICALLY. It does not anything to harden the enamel throughout its building (which was once all of the explanation why for water fluoridation.) And, as famous above, analysis presentations topical fluoride best hardens to a intensity of SIX nanometers…

Extra analysis on enamel decay and Fluoride:

Does fluoride scale back enamel decay charges? And… the solution isn’t any, it does no longer. Teeth decay charges have declined at identical charges in each nations that experience fluoridated and still have no longer fluoridated. The decline could also be attached extra to source of revenue stage than to fluoridation. Dental decay is strongly correlated to poverty ranges and ethnicity.

Another analysis find out about to additional turn out even topical fluoride is useless and unnecessary:

This find out about when put next the effectiveness in combating decay with sealants that contained fluoride verses sealants that didn’t. The effects confirmed there have been identical discounts in each varieties of sealants. The fluoride containing sealants equipped no further get advantages.

Toxicity for Bottle Fed Babies

Closing however no longer least, let’s discuss young children that get toddler components. Those young children would possibly get as a lot fluoride of their components bottle as an grownup who beverages one liter of water an afternoon. An grownup dose is NOT secure for child. A child or younger kid is a lot more liable to the poisonous results of fluoride. The American Dental Affiliation in the end instructed its club not to use fluoridated water to make child components to cut back fluorosis.

Pressured Medicine

Fluoride is a drug, no longer a nutrient.

Water fluoridation is going to everyone- together with the ones which can be maximum liable to its poisonous results. You’ll be able to keep an eye on the focus however you can’t keep an eye on the doses. Other people who’re above-average water drinkers, the very younger, the very outdated, the ones with diabetes, low thyroid serve as, kidney issues, insufficient vitamin, iodine deficiency, the ones with low source of revenue, and the ones hypersensitive to fluoride will have to no longer be pressured to ingest this drug. They can’t keep an eye on the dose they ingest.

Water Fluoridation is basically a mass drugs of most people via the federal government. The federal government has no proper to power someone to take drugs. As you have got simply learn, fluoridation does no longer paintings and in fact does hurt. The affected person, and best the affected person, will have to make that call for themselves/their circle of relatives.

Dumping the Sacred Cow For Higher Solutions

Teeth decay is a preventable illness. We’ve got many equipment in our toolbox to stop decay. Learn my weblog put up: Teeth Decay: Onerous Information About Cushy Enamel ~ Queen of Dental Hygiene for brand new knowledge on forestall dental decay or even higher – save you it. Cavities don’t seem to be an inevitable a part of early life and enamel loss will have to no longer be a part of maturity.

The article I’ve spotted in my a few years of dental hygiene is the rise in dental prevention schooling to the general public. Upload to that just about each and every dentist now employs a dental hygienist or two as in comparison to the Fifties and Nineteen Sixties when dental hygienists weren’t a not unusual fixture of the dental place of job. We, as a career, should do extra to teach and deal with the desires of folks of colour and the ones at or under the poverty stage. Mass schooling is our major software in fighting dental sicknesses.

We should glance past the band help of fluoride as it does no longer paintings and, even worse, it does a lot more hurt to the human frame.

Let’s forestall shaming our sufferers into getting fluoride remedies. As an alternative, spend that overtime serving to them discover ways to in reality brush correctly, discuss excellent diet and higher meals possible choices, and deal with intestine well being. Leaky intestine is the true supply of enamel decay, no longer a loss of fluoride. I do know, shocker, simply know, you heard it right here first, however don’t let it finish right here! This might be the start of an actual Dental Revolution.

Listed below are two water filtration programs that may take away fluoride: Fluoride Filter out Water Bottles & Pitchers to Take away Contaminants – Obviously Filtered


Depart the land of fluoride with self assurance. You’re certainly making the proper choice. Forestall water fluoridation and topical fluoride and let the true dental well being therapeutic start.