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Every successful dental practice starts with the passion and dedication of a dentist who genuinely cares about their patients. Dr. Michael Rodriguez, owner of Ocean Dental Studio in Boynton Beach, FL, is one such dentist. His main goal is to treat everyone who walks through his door like family, providing exceptional care and service. However, Dr. Rodriguez faced a common challenge – how to attract new patients and let them know about his practice.

That’s when he discovered Patient News, a game-changer in dental marketing. Initially hesitant about investing in marketing, Dr. Rodriguez decided to give it a try, and it turned out to be the best decision he ever made for his practice. Patient News not only provided him with the tools and strategies to effectively reach his target audience but also helped him track the success of his marketing efforts.

Best Dental In Delray Beach Fl
Best Dental In Delray Beach Fl

A Partner That Gets Results

Patient News

Patient News stood out with its comprehensive approach to dental marketing. From the very first phone call, they took the time to understand Dr. Rodriguez’s practice, the local demographics, and the areas to target. They guided him on how to design effective mailers and execute a successful marketing campaign. The newsletters prepared by Patient News were informative and engaging, piquing the interest of potential patients and driving them to call for appointments.

The results were remarkable. Within just one month of working with Patient News, Dr. Rodriguez saw a significant jump in new patient numbers – from eight to more than thirty-five. The practice grew so rapidly that he had to extend his working hours and eventually let go of his associate job to solely focus on his own practice. From there, the number of new patients continued to rise, reaching an impressive average of 60 to 80 new patients per month.

Practice ZEBRA: Unveiling the Magic of Analytics

Practice ZEBRA

Patient News not only helped Dr. Rodriguez attract more patients, but it also provided him with a powerful tool – Practice ZEBRA. This tool allowed him to track and analyze the effectiveness of his marketing campaigns. With Practice ZEBRA, Dr. Rodriguez could monitor vital metrics like new patient count, call volume, and conversion rates. He could even listen to recorded calls to assess the performance of his front desk staff and measure the production generated from each patient.

The insights provided by Practice ZEBRA revolutionized Dr. Rodriguez’s practice. He gained a comprehensive understanding of his marketing ROI, allowing him to make informed decisions and maximize the impact of his efforts. With the help of Patient News and Practice ZEBRA, Dr. Rodriguez’s active patient base, production numbers, and overall practice success soared beyond his expectations.

The Results Speak for Themselves

Happy Patients

Dr. Rodriguez’s experience with Patient News has been nothing short of extraordinary. In just one year, his new patient counts quadrupled, and his production numbers increased by four times. This tremendous growth is a testament to the power of targeted marketing and the expertise of Patient News in the dental industry.

If you’re a dentist in Delray Beach, FL, looking to take your practice to new heights, Patient News is the partner you need. With their tailored marketing solutions and cutting-edge analytics, they’ll help you attract more patients, increase your production, and ultimately, achieve the success you’ve always dreamed of.

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