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Are you a savvy shopper looking to save big on your purchases? Look no further than TJ Maxx, the popular retail chain known for its discounted prices on designer brands and more. In this article, we’ll uncover the top 10 secrets that TJ Maxx doesn’t want you to know. From shopping strategies to decoding price tags, we’ve got you covered!

Apple Tree Dental Coon Rapids
Apple Tree Dental Coon Rapids

Secret #1: Unmasking the Knockoffs

Did you know that TJ Maxx manufactures its own clothing and also licenses designer brand names? This means that you may come across items bearing popular designer labels at unbelievably low prices. But here’s the catch: not all items with designer brand names on their price tags are actually genuine. To identify the real deal, check the label sewn inside the clothing. If it says TJX Europe or Watford instead of the designer brand name, it’s an internal brand tied to TJ Maxx.

Designer Clothing

Secret #2: The Illusion of Compare Prices

Ever notice the compare prices listed on TJ Maxx’s price tags? Don’t be fooled! These compare prices are often inflated to make you think you’re getting a better deal than you actually are. They are rarely the actual prices at which the items have been sold elsewhere. So, before you make a purchase, do some quick online research to compare prices on other platforms like Amazon. You might find better deals elsewhere, especially if you factor in additional savings like subscribe-and-save options.

TJ Maxx Price Tags

Secret #3: Unlocking the Clearance Section

When it comes to clearance shopping at TJ Maxx, it’s all about strategy. While their in-store clearance sections might be limited in size and often chaotic, the online clearance section is a hidden gem. You can easily browse through a wide selection of discounted items, filter them by color and size, and save time and effort. And here’s a pro tip: sign up for TJ Maxx’s email list to receive free shipping codes, making your online shopping experience even more enjoyable.

Clearance Section

Secret #4: Pamper Your Pets for Less

Pet owners, rejoice! TJ Maxx is not just a great place for human shopping but also offers incredible deals on pet products. From pet beds to toys, they have a fantastic selection at prices comparable to dollar stores but with higher quality. Plus, TJ Maxx is one of the few major retailers that welcomes your furry friends inside, as long as they are in a shopping cart or on a leash. Make TJ Maxx your go-to pet shopping destination.

Pet Products

Secret #5: Avoid Weekend Crowds

While weekends might seem like the perfect time to shop, they are actually one of the worst times to visit TJ Maxx. The beginning of the week, from Monday to Friday, is when TJ Maxx marks down prices and restocks their inventory. By the weekend, most of the best deals are already picked over, and you’ll be left with limited options. So, if you want to score the freshest inventory and snag the best bargains, plan your shopping trips for weekdays.

Shopping Time

Secret #6: Unleash Your Bargaining Skills

Did you know that you can actually haggle for a lower price at TJ Maxx? Look for the irregular goods section or items marked with irregular price tags throughout the store. These items might have slight cosmetic imperfections but are still perfectly usable. Negotiate with store associates for a further discount. You might be surprised by how much you can save while getting your hands on high-quality items.


Secret #7: Bonus Savings with Gift Cards

Take your savings to the next level by purchasing discounted gift cards for TJ Maxx and its partner stores like Marshalls, HomeGoods, Sierra, and HomeSense. Websites like Ray’s Gift Card Granny or CardCash offer gift cards with savings ranging from 3% to 20%. If you have a membership with Sam’s Club, you can also find reduced-price gift card combos, providing you with even more savings. It’s like free money in your pocket!

Gift Cards

Secret #8: Timing is Everything

If you’re looking for the best time to shop at TJ Maxx, pay attention to the seasons. While TJ Maxx doesn’t participate in Black Friday, you might find significant discounts between mid-October and Christmas Eve. Additionally, July, August, and January are prime months for clearance sales. Some great deals await those who don’t mind shopping for off-season merchandise. Plan your shopping trips accordingly and save big throughout the year.

Shopping Seasons

Secret #9: Decoding Price Tags

Understanding TJ Maxx’s price tags is essential to scoring the best deals. Here’s a quick guide:

  • White Tag: Regular price, unless it’s a must-have item, avoid paying regular price.
  • Red Tag: Clearance price, but not necessarily the lowest price. Keep an eye out for additional discounts.
  • Blue Tag: Signifies an item with coordinating pieces. Make sure you have everything you need before heading to the cashier.
  • Yellow Tag: Lowest price tag! Grab these items and head to the checkout for unbeatable savings.
  • Purple Tag: Exclusive to TJ Maxx’s runway collection featuring high-end designer fashion at significant discounts.

Secret #10: Spotting Pricing Errors and Bedding Woes

Always double-check for pricing errors when shopping at TJ Maxx. Occasionally, you might come across duplicate pricing or mislabeled items. Bring it to the attention of store associates, and they’ll help resolve any discrepancies. However, there’s one product you should be cautious about purchasing at TJ Maxx: bedding. While you might find incredible deals, finding matching pillowcases or duvet covers can be challenging. Additionally, once a bedding set is sold out, it’s unlikely to be restocked. Exercise caution when buying bedding and consider your options wisely.

Price Tags

With these insider secrets in your arsenal, you can become a master of savings at TJ Maxx. Next time you visit, navigate the store with confidence, armed with knowledge about pricing, clearance sections, and the best times to shop. Remember, TJ Maxx offers great deals, but being a smart shopper can help you maximize your savings even further. Happy shopping, and enjoy the thrill of uncovering incredible bargains!

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